ios13 wwdc 2019

The Worldwide Developers Conference is finally here. Just on your doorstep. And the internet is buzzing with it. It is announced to kick off at 10 a.m. PT on June 3 until June 7, McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

Like every year, this year also Apple is all set to launch the exciting upgrades. Which includes MACOS 10.15, IOS 13, WATCHOS 6, TVOS 13 and a lot more. But apart from the fancy Apple Watch and iPad, we are only here to talk about the star of the show: Ios 13

Here is what you can expect from the new upgrade:

Dark mode

Dark Theme IOS 13

As most of us love to have a cozy time on our bed with our phone, this is a step up to protect our eyes from the brightness of the lighter theme we are used to. Like the name says, the ios will have darker skin, in other words, a darker theme.
After a positive response of the Mac OS the previous year, they are all set to integrate the feature in the mobile version as well.
But Apple is not the only one coming up with this feature. Android also reportedly announced a darker theme on their coming “Android Q” launching in August.

Major To Minor Changes On Apps

Home app

There might be a new Home app. It will have better support for a security camera.

Books app


Yes, the book app. You will be finding a reward based system with a progress tracker in it. This reward can only be collected with every new book you complete. Here is to all the book nerds like me. Yeahi!

Find My Friends and Find My iPhone Merging into One

This upgrade is all about the cleaner and easier upgrades. These merge makes one stop for the app with a cleaner interface decreasing the hassle to juggle from one app to the other.


Do you remember the hassle of downloading any file on Safari? Yes? Not anymore! Safari now gets A Download Manager. Take that! Android users.


A major change in iMessage. It might look a little more like a new kind of messager app. You will get to change your profile picture, the availability and a lot more privacy settings as well.

Mail app

Apple has improvised the mail app to use it more conveniently. How you asked? You can now mute threads that no longer serve you. And also suffle the mails according to the category.

File App

Now there is more priority to the file manager as well. It might have better third-party integration.

Cleaner, Safer and Minimal

The buttons will be tightly fitted still handy to touch with better and new gestures. You might even have an “undo of your gesture” in just three swipes away. How cool is that?

And you will also have a sleep mode to silent out the notifications and updates that can wait until sunrise.

What we mean by safer? Apart from the home app safety, parental control feature is also all set to go.

And Now, the biggest Update: iTunes

Apple Launch iTunes
Photo by Ian Waldie

Yes, rumor has it that iTunes will reportedly disappear or should I say evolve in something new. Our future generations will never even know what the word iTunes mean.
Instead, Apple is merging up iTunes in apple music. It will have separate, music, tv and podcast app all merged up into one apple music.
And if you are worried about where all your music collections go, you won’t have to worry about it, it will all be in the apple music safe and secure. With again, less hassle for you to open three different apps for the same purpose, listening.

Other than that iPad will also have some major changes like Mouse support and a lot more. But the biggest one is the iPad to Mac as a secondary screen in one swipe. Remember when you had to download a third party app to integrate your iPad and mac when you were drawing? You don’t have to do it anymore.

And why am I so confident? See from the developer himself.

We feel you, Steve, we feel you. Like every tech enthusiast, we can’t wait to see what other surprises Apple holds on WWDC 2019 for us.


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