Fallout 76: Is it worth it?
Let's take a look at Bethesda's last game.

Fallout 76 officially released on November 14. For those of us who love this franchise, here’s my short answer: it’s not worth it.

Fallout 76 Dog Glitch
Fallout is full of glitches. Here’s a popular one: “The Dog Glitch.” Source: YouTube.

Even Bethesda’s developers are ashamed of what they did. In fact, on December 24, the video game company apologized for the underwhelming Fallout 76 with a bundle of free classics.

“Sorry for our lame multiplayer Fallout 76, here are some free, old games that are better.”

Not actually what they said…but you get the point.

What I am saying is add some Pip-Boy enthusiasms to your Christmas and get your free copy of Fallout Classics Collection (Tactics, 1 & 2) on PC if you have already logged into the full Fallout 76, either through a console or your gaming pc.

The gifts are coming in early January. However, this won’t overcome Fallout 76 plethora of problems.

What’s wrong with Fallout 76? 

The game has a 56% rating on Metacritic and a 5 out of 10 in IGN. It’s a fair score given its issues: connection problems, non-existent NPC’s or computer-controlled characters, graphics not up to par, and bland gaming experience.

In fact, three years after the beloved Fallout 4, Fallout 76’s graphics look even worse. Combine this with Bethesda’s unimpressive character animation and you get a Mass Effect Andromeda-looking game. Before the patches.

Don’t forget that Fallout 76 also has bugs. A lot of bugs. It’s an open-world game filled with technical problems, glitches, and errors that will consume the life of your character and get the worst of your CPU/processor.

Constant frame-rate dips and crashes are even more frustrating. Sometimes, you would even see a whole section of the map disappear, or a quest restart after you’ve finished it.

Here’s something interesting: a Power Armor may turn you into the Naked Slenderman when you put it on:

The "Power Armor Bug"
Remember how cool Power Armors used to look? Now is even better. Source: VGR.

Is Fallout 76 a good game?

Playing in a shared multiplayer experience means the moral choices of prior games, like whether or not destroy the town of Megaton or decide the fate of the New Las Vegas strip, are long gone.

Needless to say, the story is bland and the consequences of your actions are unseen.

Furthermore, not only your choices are meaningless, but you are also lonely.

Megaton Bomb
Remember when your choices mattered? Source: Fallout Wikia.

Other than 20 or 30 players spread thinly across a huge wasteland, the only voices you’ll hear on your headset are the quest givers. These passive bots are there only to point you towards something to shoot or scavenge.

Even if you encounter other players, PVP is practically forbidden. You can only fight another one when both have attacked each other, so there’s no element of surprise.

And if you do kill other players, you won’t pick up the loot. The only thing you gain is a price on your head and a red mark inviting other surface-dwellers to erase you. Where’s the fun in that?

The fun is not in the story, that’s for sure. Main story quests feel like chasing ghosts. See, there’s a plague, spreading across the wasteland, and in order to find the source, you will need to scramble notes and journals left behind by dead guys. Breadcrumbs in a huge radioactive world.

The wasteland of Appalachia has one great feature, though: it tells a story. A story interesting enough to make you want to wander around and find every secret.

How will Bethesda fix Fallout 76?

So far, it seems Bethesda has no intention of improving the game.

Recently, Bethesda banned some Fallout 76 players because they were using mods to improve the graphics. According to the company, the users were “cheating” as they were using “third-party applications” giving them unfair advantages.

Maybe playing without glitches is indeed an advantage over other vault-dwellers suffering from their screens freezing.


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