We first got to see the renders of the upcoming iPhone 11 in May. And now popular tech designer Ben Geskin has created physical models of the phones. And they look even uglier than the first renders.

It has been known for sometime that Apple is going for the triple-lens camera design for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. For the past few years, Apple has lost its title as the top dog in the smartphone camera game. There are other smartphones out there, some much more affordable than the iPhone, that have much better cameras. So it looks as though Apple is looking to trade one of the iPhone’s most iconic characteristics in order to get back into the best camera charts. The iPhone (like all of Apple’s products) has always stood out in the market thanks to its design aesthetics. So the new design with the ugly camera bump has come off as a surprise for most Apple fans.

Other Upgrades

The iPhone 11 and 11x are also set to receive several other important updates. The battery, for instance is expected to get a major bump. The battery in the new phone will likely be 20-25% bigger than than in the iPhone XS.

It is also believed that Apple will be replacing its proprietary Lightning port for a more universal USB-C port. This rumor has has been backed owing to a new update in the iOS 13. An image of the phone being plugged into a Laptop was leaked and it clearly showed what appeared to be a USB-C cable.

Apple is also believed to be abandoning its 3D Touch technology. This will make the iPhone 11 the first phone since the iPhone 6, to not have this technology.


Although Apple hasn’t made any official announcements yet, we can speculate based on past release dates. Apple has always unveiled new phones in September. The pre-orders will also likely begin around the same time.  The iPhone 11 will most likely cost $999 for the basic 64GB version, with the 11x costing more.


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