LG 65 inch Rollable OLED TV 2019

LG has been ruling the OLED TV market. The South Korean electronics giant’s projected market share for 2019 is 50-60%.

In recent years, TV sales, in general, have seen a decline in the price, and especially due to the cheaper competition from the Chinese TV makers, like Hisense, TCL, and Skyworth. LG wants to revive the consumer interest in high-end TVs with its new innovations. For 2019, the company has a big yet portable 65-inch OLED TV that rolls out from its housing box.

A prototype of the Rollable OLED TV was showcased in CES 2018 earlier this year. The uniqueness and versatility of the product captured the attention of many.


Versatile in functionality and looks

When not in use, the TV is like a bigger soundbar on your TV rack. With the right kind of furniture, it can stay hidden for all you minimalist lovers. With a touch of a button, the OLED screen rolls out to form the familiar rectangular TV shape.

LG 65 inch Rollable OLED TV
LG 65 inch Rollable OLED TV mini-mode

The best part about this screen is that it can adjust its aspect ratio according to the video being played by rolling out to the right viewable screen area. This means you can say goodbye to the letterboxing black bars on your screen. Furthermore, if you simply want the weather information or to listen to a song, this TV rolls out just a little from its housing with the right screen size.

LG Rollable OLED TV
LG Rollable OLED TV when off

The idea of a rollable TV is similar to how a projector screen rolls up and down. Except, this TV is all-in-one in a not-so-big rectangular box. We do not yet have much information about the rolling out mechanism of this TV. For instance, the mechanical support for the rolling screen and about how the screen stays upright on its own.

A flexible OLED screen is not a brand new concept. Several companies like Samsung, Sony, and including LG have several prototypes. With Samsung recently making news for its infinity Flex display for their future phones. Most notably, Royale, a California-based company, has FlexPai which is a flexible display phone.

OLED screens offer higher contrast and richer color depth. With the rollable OLED TV, LG is here to rule the OLED TV market in 2019.


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