Everything You Need To Know About Mac Pro

With WWDC 2019 geared up, Apple has finally introduced the new MAC Pro replacing the old round trash can design. This new and revamped version is switching back to the old school cheese grate design with modern aesthetics into it.


Let’s Jump into the Case itself! This incredible system is all protected in stainless steel aluminum. The Space Frame is not just for the protection, but it elongates into handles and base. The PC case with the handles is especially useful for portability. What’s up LAN Party People!

computer cases mac pro 2019 with handle

And you can customize the base into a regular stand or a Caster Stand. With that, you can roll it anywhere you want.

As John Ternus says:

“We wanted to build the architecture that could meet the incredible diversity of pro needs. A system that offers virtually unlimited possibilities for customization.”

And we couldn’t agree more! This space frame allows us to customize every part of the system with ease. In other words, 360 access to the interior on a push of a button. And not to mention, the multiple mounting points.


mac pro internal view with fan

This system is specially designed for content creators who are into 3D rendering, video production or even excessive gaming. With that in mind, Apple introduced up to 28 core of power on their Intel Xeon processor CPU.

The system has 12 DIMM slots which can accommodate up to 1.5 terabytes of RAM. And here’s the bonus: there are 8 available expansion slots where four are double wide slots, three single-wide slots, and one is a half-length slot. There are also some connectors where you can embed your own graphics card.

Graphics Card

Mac Pro 2019 Graphics Card

Apple also announced the new graphics architecture “MAC Pro Expansion Module”. They have included 2 GPUs in the module. And the system itself has space for 2 modules making it up to 56 teraflops and 1268 HBM2. The system harbors Radeon Pro Vega II graphics card as per their presentation. And we still have no word on NVIDIA. Evidently, they might not need NVIDIA after all. AMD’s Ultra-Fast Infinity Fabric has 84 GB/sec bandwidth which is nearly as fast as NVLink 100GB/sec.
And with 2 modules, there are double 2 x 32 GB HBM2 which helps us achieve 128GB in total.

The machine can play 8K videos with ease with the help of an additional card known as The Afterburner Card. The after-burner card boosts the performance of ProRes RAW video helping it display the 8K videos with ease.


There’s a pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports at the front, right beside the power button and other two on the back. Additionally, we have a pair of 10GB Ethernet Ports and a pair of USB 3 ports on the back.

Power Supply

For this powerful system, it has 1.4 kilowatts power supply.


mac pro 2019 air flow
Mac Pro has triple fans to suck the air in and a blower to pull the heat from the memory. Because of this workflow, the system has minimized the requirement of cooling mechanism for individual components. The lattice design or as we say, cheese grater is haunting to look at (Ahmmm.. trypophobia) but is a good solution for the airflow.
Apple boasts this technology will eliminate noise in the system. This thing can move 300 cubic feet of air per minute to keep your PC cool. But, this comes with a price: Dust consumption. The components might have a dust attack as we’ve experienced in the previous model.
However, Apple has a temporary solution for it. The 360 access to the interior might give you a room to clean the component. But we need to see it’s effect when it hits the market.

Release Date and Pricing

The new Mac Pro goes on sale this fall 2019. The setup has a starting price tag of around $6000. But hold on, this is just for the 8 core model. If you want to upgrade it to a better GPU and other specs, consider the price go way higher.

Would I buy it?

As a content creator, the device has surely caught my attention. But, do I need it considering the price point? Not necessarily. Mac Pro is specially designed for core creators to whom the high gear is a definite advantage.
I, on the other hand, might just stick to the PC builds as there’s room for flexibility.


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