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Amazon Fire TV. Source: Wikipedia.

British company Slightly Mad Studios have revealed something Sony that could shake things up. The company has shifted gears to build a new video game console: the Mad Box.

Slightly Mad Studios are developers of racing car sims like Need For Speed: Shift, Project Cars 1&2, or Red Bull Air Race – The Game. The studio has created the MADNESS Engine for its advanced simulation games. Furthermore, they create autonomous vehicle AI and VR-ready showrooms for different automotive companies.

Will Mad Box shake the gaming market?

Sony PlayStation is, without a doubt, the leader of the console market with over 90 million PS4 sales. Xbox is sitting at number two with about 40 million sales, while Nintendo Switch falls below 20 million sales.

Now, you may ask: is there any room for another video game console? Slightly Mad Studios CEO seems to think that way after his surprise announcement on Twitter.

Mad Box Reveal
Mad Box reveal on Twitter. Source: @bell_sms.

However, Slightly Mad is not a highly known company in the gaming and tech world, or at least not like Nvidia, AMD, or even gaming studios like Ubisoft, EA, or Bethesda.

More so, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft have so much market control it would be really hard for a new player to make space for itself. More specifically, PlayStation has a wide array of amazing exclusives that singlehandedly manage to get new customers.

Think of a Netflix subscription, but instead of getting an account to check the upcoming Stranger Things season 3, you get a PS4 to play Marvel’s Spiderman.

(The RadBrad is an amazing YouTube gaming channel. Check it out!)

If Slightly Mad Studios manages to ace the investment, tech, and effort required to build the Mad Box, we at Tech News don’t think it will make the change the company expects.

We can already test the waters by Bell’s Tweet reactions: they vary from excitement to complete dismissal.

To be honest, it seems far-fetched, just as much as the Xbox seemed to be when it first released to take on PlayStation. And you know what happened? The Xbox had as much success as the PlayStation 3.

Everything we know about the Mad Box

The Mad Box is a next-gen video game console that will compete against the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two.

The name, as reports say, is an acronym of “Media Arts Development Box,” or maybe a contraction of the Magness Engine.

Bell’s Tweet alone makes the claim it will be the “most powerful console” ever, a term Microsoft also uses for the flagship Xbox One X. But all we know is it’ll have 4K resolution and support for various VR headsets. Also, the tweet promises 120 fps (frames per second) on 4K VR with a 120 refresh rate.

Refresh rate means how many seconds the processor takes to replace or refresh the image. Higher speeds create smoother motion and less motion sickness for the player. If it goes right, it would surpass the specs of the current PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR headset
PlayStation VR headset. Source: PlayStation.

The gaming industry keeps growing

The Mad Box upcoming entry talks clearly about UK’s reality: the gaming industry is worth the country’s half entertainment market.

In fact, it’s £3.86bn ($4.85bn) worth is more than UK’s music and movie industry combined.

The success is down to three games: Fifa 19, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Call of Duty; Black Ops 4.

The stats by the Entertainment Retailers Association don’t even take into account the mass followers of mobile and free games as Fortnite.

A Fortnite dance. Source: The Gamer.

Fortnite currently the second most played online game with 78.1 million people login in every day. Sorry, kids, you will never be cool unless you also play League of Legends.


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