Meet Sila, Razer’s New and Smart Wireless Router for Gamers

Razer has a new and advanced wireless router for you gamers out there, and it’s smart. Yes, smart means it can prioritize your network traffic, so you have a smooth wireless gaming experience.

According to the official Razer page, “The Razer Sila is even versatile enough to let you prioritize between client hardware including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and more.”

The Razer RasTrack engine in this router lets specific network traffic type pass if there are many end devices or applications in the network.

Online gamers know the importance of fast network speed. It can mean winning or losing a shot in your favorite action game with your online gaming buddies.

This router incorporates Multi-channel Zerowait DFS technology. This feature scans and switches to the best channels by using special wifi channels not available to regular wifi routers.

That said, this means you can avoid network lag or delay due to packet collision and re-transmission prevalent in wifi networks.

This is especially true for people who keep their gaming consoles away from their main router. Additionally, with many wireless devices around and Yet, still want to have the best gaming performance wirelessly.
Meet Sila, Razer’s New and Smart Wireless Router for Gamers

Do you have a large property and wished for a better wifi network throughout your area?

One way to have broader wifi coverage is to hook up additional router/s via ethernet cables to eliminate any dead spots.

However, what if you want to achieve a similar level of performance but without any additional network cables?

Sila can be used to make a hybrid wireless mesh network up to the coverage area of 9,000 ft with three routers.

The routers in the wireless mesh use dedicated backhaul channels which are separate from the clients facing channels.

Features At A Glance

Sila has Voice, Video, and Other Modes besides Gaming mode. Thus, offering users with easy one-touch switching to different modes according to their needs.

All the network ports in this router are Gigabit Ethernet. It has one Gigabit WAN port that connects to your network MODEM. There are three Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports that you can connect your computer, consoles, or other network devices.

Additionally, there are 1 USB 2.0 port and 1 USB 3.0 port.

There are nine internal industrial-grade antennas in this router which are useful when simultaneously connecting multiple devices.

The router does offer WPA / WPA2-PSK for security.

Razer’s Sila sells for $ 249.99 at their official website.


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