From February, customers will be able to lay their hands on another hi-tech trainers from Nike. This time, the sportswear giant has outdone themselves by announcing the sleek self-lacing Hyperadapt BB. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The new Adapt BB (BB for basketball) is the latest release of the futuristic footwear coined from the 1989 film ‘Back to the Future II’. Nike began the iteration in 2016 with the Hyperadapt 1.0. Unlike the 2016 release which cost $720, the Hyperadapt BB goes for half that price at $350.

Futuristic shoes with no laces

Nike is really serious about producing state-of-the-art shoes that won’t need laces. These will be the future of tech shoes. Nike’s has made headstart with their impressive work on the Hyperadapt. The Adapt BB is built with Basketball players and runners in mind. The fuss of loosening and tying laces has been replaced with a technology that allows your shoes loosen or tighten automatically.

The Adapt BB uses a battery-motor-and-gears unit in the sole which perfectly grips the shoe’s lacing system down around the foot. The wearer can either tighten or loosen the shoe by pressing any of the two buttons on the sole. Alternatively, they can do that via the shoe’s iPhone app.

While adjusting the shoe, users should watch out for a high-pitched cat-like sound. This shouldn’t bother you. Nike said the shoe makes three distinct sounds basically for conveying messages to the customer; the first two are for when the shoe is adjusting to the wearer’s foot, while the third indicates low battery.

The Adapt BB comes with some lighting at the side. It takes in power with a large wireless-charging pad. On single charge, the batteries should last anywhere between 10 to 14 days. And there will always be enough power to work that lace engine.

The shoe pairs easily with the IOS app via Bluetooth. The app shows wearers how to do this, which involves holding the shoes close to their phone. Wearers can then customize three presets in the app for tightening and loosening. Each of which can be accessed directly by holding down a button on the shoe’s side or from the app.

Nike still aims to improve the adaptiveness of the technology that runs the Hyperadapt BB. The company is looking to make the firmware updateable. In that case, Nike can send software updates the shoes app on your iPhone which can be related to your shoes via Bluetooth.

With such development, Nike can easily collect data from your shoes which would inevitably help them make improvements or even help the police solve crimes.

Will I find my size?

According to Nike, the shoes will only be released in sizes eight to 15, these are men’s sizes. Half sizes will be available up to size 14. Sadly, people with small feet may not be able to find their size. The smallest size is a woman’s 8.5. Even some professional basketball players with smaller feet may not find their size.

However, Nike has stated it will make more small sizes available in the future. Moreover, the Hyperadabt BB is capable of tightening to fit wearers who cannot find their exact size.


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