Microsoft has launched the a new command line app called Windows Terminal. Microsoft first announced Windows Terminal back in May during Build 2019. It will serve as a central location for all of the popular command line tools that Windows developers use. These include the likes of Cmd, PowerShell and WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

The early preview version of the app is now available on Windows Store and is free to install on all Windows 10 systems with a May 2019 update.

Here’s the preview video released back in May:


Among the many features of the Windows Terminal include support for multiple tabs, support of UTF-8 and Unicode characters and emojis. It also comes with a GPU-based text rendering feature. This feature will use DirectX to render texts, emojis, icons, glyphs, powerline symbols etc. on to the terminal.

Furthermore, the app introduces profiles. This will allow users to customize the apps and tools imported into the Windows Terminal app with multiple profiles. Each profile can further be customized with font variants, colors, themes etc.

All in all, Windows Terminal seems like a decent effort from Microsoft to make the Windows environment more efficient and fun for developers.


One of the interesting things about Windows Terminal (and indeed the overall shift in trend over at Microsoft) is that it is opensource. The source-code was shared on GitHub back in May, with many users compiling the program themselves.

Here’s what Microsoft says about this:

“We can’t wait to work with you on improving and enhancing the Windows command-line experience!”

Here’s how users reacted to the open source news:


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