Have you noticed that your premium new TV, bought with all the bells and whistles, makes movies look cheap? Most people have, but a lot of them just waved it away as a problem with “modern technology.”

The infamous soap-opera effect is the product of motion interpolation, the technology which helps regular TV program, as well as films, to move from the native 60Hz in older displays to modern 120 Hz ones. This is done by smoothing or rather inserting images in between the actual frames of the signal your TV receives.

This is fine as far as sports or video games are concerned. However, most movies and TV shows are shot at 24 fps, creating a very unnatural look. This option is usually set on from the get-go and many users are unaware that it can be turned off.

Some people are not bothered by it, but some, like Tom Cruise, alongside Christopher McQuarrie, for example, cannot stand that all the effort and magic that goes into moviemaking is lost when this technology is used. They created this PSA trying to raise awareness that motion smoothing should not be set as the default mode by modern TV manufacturers.

It is great to see movie stars and directors take a stand against something as important as this. Let us say no to motion smoothing together! Or at least to it being the default mode for your TV.

Oh, and they are making Top Gun: Maverick, in case you missed it. I know I have!


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