MSI has unveiled two powerful next-generation gaming laptops. The Taiwanese company has revealed the MSI GT76 Titan and the MSI GE65 Raider just ahead of this year’s Computex event in Taipei. Both these laptops are the latest updates in their respective series and feature upgraded chips from Intel and Nvidia.

The GT76 Titan

The MSI GT76 Titan is an upgrade to the MSI GT75 Titan and is the more powerful of the two laptops that was announced. The most impressive feature is the desktop-grade 9th Gen octa-core Intel Core i9 processor. The GT75 is one of the very few laptops out there that has this processor. To add to that, it is also packed with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card. All that heavy power will definitely heat up the system, so MSI has also upgraded the thermal management system for the GT75. We can expect to hear more about this impressive laptop during Computex next week.

The GE65 Raider

The MSI GE65 Raider is the second laptop that was announced by MSI. It is an upgrade to the earlier MSI GE63 and is powered by Intel’s new 9th Generation Core i9 Processor. It also features the latest from Nvidia, packing in Nvidia’s GeForce RTX series of graphics card. The display has also been given a major upgrade on the GE65, with it supporting a refresh rate of upto 240Hz. Other than that, the GE65 Raider supports WiFi 6.

Computex 2019

The stages are set for the MSI GT76 Titan and the MSI GE65 Raider to be two of the most powerful gaming laptops of 2019. They will be put on display during next week’s Computex event in Taipei, Taiwan. The event will be held between May 28 to June 1. It is understood that MSI could also have more products to demonstrate during the event. The company’s productivity focused Prestige series is understood to be getting a major update and that will be one of MSI’s highlights in Computex 2019.

Computex is an annual tech event that hosts some of the latest developments in the computing world. Laptops, PC components and Graphic cards are among the things demonstrated during the event. It is a must-follow event for all computer enthusiasts.

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