2018 is nearly over, January is just around the corner. Literally, if you chose to think of Sunday as a corner. It means PlayStation Plus members will get a new bundle of free PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 games on the New Year.

PlayStation Plus is Sony’s ultimate gaming experience. It allows users to play online, receive exclusive discounts, and get free games for just $5 a month.

Furthermore, it allows users to save their profiles on the PlayStation cloud so they can continue gaming on any other PS device.

PlayStation Plus
You can order PlayStation PLus with a 14-day free trial. Source: PlayStation.

Sony announced January’s lineup, so let’s dive into it and see what you could be downloading from the PlayStation Network between January 1 and February 5.

Upcoming PlayStation Plus games

If you have a PS4, you could pick up Steep. Steep is a snow-based extreme sports game by Ubisoft. It lets you ski, snowboard, and glide in a wingsuit between one snowy peak to another.

Also, you can download Portal Knights for your PS4 for free. Portal Knights are similar to Minecraft as it has the same building components. The twist, though, is that it’s also an RPG that encourages exploration and crafting.

Additionally, PS3 free games include Zone of the Enders HD collection, which is a bundle of remastered versions of the two PS2 mech combat games.

Zone of The Enders HD Collection
Zone of The Enders HD Collection. Source: YouTube.

Next title is the music & rhythm game Amplitude. Amplitude is a game by Harmonix that plays a lot like the Guitar Hero series. It’s also the sequel to Frequency.

Finally, PS Vita owners can get Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (which is also available on PS4); and Super Mutant Alien Assault.

Take a look on December 2018’s PlayStation Plus games

If you’re reading this article on December 2018 (which also means you’re on my present timeline), then you’re not too late.

December free games for PlayStation Plus members include Onrush, a racing game, and the PS4 horror title Soma.

PS3 owners can get Steredeen and Steins;Gate. Let’s make a pause here and talk a bit more about Steins;Gate, because it’s an awesome game.

Get your free Steins;Gate copy NOW

Steins;Gate is a 10/10 game that flows as a graphic novel. It revolves around a group of teenage scientist who discovers a means to send messages to the past.

Following the old adage “what if….” to try and heal their past, they inadvertently set off a change of events that change their future.

The game allows players to follow their own path on a twisting narrative, and make desitions that will alter the life of the characters and potentially the whole world.

The main character is Okabe Rintaro, a young man paranoid of being pursued by the Organization. The organization is a shady group looking for the ground-breaking research about time travel.

Steins;Gate for PS3. Source: PlayStation.

The sci-fi adventure game was later adapted into an anime show by the same name. Steins;Gate, the show, is highly praised as one of the best pieces of anime ever created, sharing the trophy room with the likes of Evangelion, Cowboy Beepop, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Death Note.

Freebies are ending

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member only for the freebies, or if you’re planning to for the free games, take note.

Sony will stop giving free PS3 and PS Vita titles for Plus members as of March 2019. If this is a no-no for you, don’t forget to turn off your subscription’s auto-renewal option. Or cancel it.



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