We could finally be getting our first look of the Nintendo Switch Mini. Nintendo is yet to reveal its highly anticipated upcoming console. But video game accessories manufacturer, Honson, has put accessories for the Nintendo Switch Mini on sale on its website. The items on sale come with a render of the Nintendo Switch Mini. Here are a couple of these photos, one for a case and the other for a tempered glass screen protector:

[ Image via HonSon ]
We reported Nintendo’s plan of releasing a smaller and cheaper version of the Switch later this year, in February.

NintendoLife has reportedly confirmed these leaks. They spoke with a representative of HonSon, who confirmed that they had made those designs based on secret information provided by Nintendo. Why they listed the products for sale before an official announcement from Nintendo is yet unknown. The representative also reportedly confirmed that the Switch Mini was indeed going to be a smaller version of the current Switch.

When Could It Come Out?

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal claimed that the Japanese gaming giants were looking to release a new console in the holiday season of 2019. If that report is indeed true, we can expect to get an official reveal from Nintendo in the coming months. And perhaps this leak itself has created a certain urgency for the company. If so, we could expect to hear something a lot sooner. We will keep you updated.

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Nintendo Switch VR

There are also rumors of a Nintendo Switch VR that could be announced this year. Not much has been revealed about this, but we drew our most recent speculations from the reports of Nintendo World Report’s Emily Rogers.

Here’s a leaked image of a patent registered by Nintendo in 2016.

Nintendo Switch


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