We are just a just a day until Computex 2019 kicks off in Taipei. And in the press conference today, Nvidia has announced its very own lineup of high-performance laptops. Called the “RTX Studio Laptops”, the lineup includes seventeen different laptops made by seven of Nvidia’s manufacturing partners. These include, Acer, Razer, MSI, Dell, ASUS, HP and Gigabyte.

Nvidia’s initiative basically culminates to a badge of standard. Nvidia studio is basically a software-hardware initiative. It consists of Drivers, APIs and SDKs for Nvidia’s RTX GPUs that will boost efficiency. And the laptops that meet these standards will receive the RTX Studio badge.

The 17 laptops will be announced during Computex, later this week. The laptops will be featuring the RTX 2080, 2070 or 2060 GPUs as well as the Quadro RTX 5000, 4000 and 3000 GPUs. Here’s how the general manager of GeForce software and technology, Jason Paul, describes the new range of laptops:

“The new RTX Studio laptops are the perfect tool for creatives who need desktop-class performance while on the go.”

MacBook Pro Killer?

These are high-performance laptops are aimed at creators. And so, they have already been dubbed as potential MacBook Pro killers. Nvidia itself, in it’s blog post announcing the RTX studio, has brought up this comparison. It claims that the software-hardware optimized RTX GPUs in these laptops are suitable for kids aid creative tasks including 3D rendering and video editing. Then a little jab at Apple, Nvidia claims that it’s performance will be up to seven times faster than that of the MacBook Pro.

As of right now, the MacBook Pro, is the undisputed favorite among creators and designers. Apple only recently upgraded the series, with plans for a larger display MacBook Pro also in motions. But could price be the differentiator in the success of the RTX Studio laptops over the MacBook Pro? The RTX Studio laptops start at $1,599. The price will depend on factors such as build, manufacturer and region.

Nvidia Studio

In its essence, Nvidia Studio is an optimization of hardware and software. Take the might of Nvidia’s RTX series of GPUs (the hardware) and the specialized SDKs and dedicated Drivers of the NVIDIA Studio Stack (the software). What you end up with is an efficient and high-performing work environment, ideal for creatives who require such computers for work.

One example of how this philosophy has been actualized in the RTX Studio laptops can be the display technology. Most of the 17 laptops will feature a coupling of 4k precision displays and NVIDIA’s Max-Q technology. This will result not only in better performances but also in a longer battery life and a sleeker design.


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