Path of Exile
Path of Exile

Path of Exile by Grinding Gears keeps consistently releasing new content every year. For 2019, we’re waiting for the “Synthesis” content, which will premiere soon.

Path of Exile: Synthesis will release on March 8, 2019. After 2018’s biggest game-addition yet, The Fall of Oriath, Synthesis will give players the ability to find Cavas, an ancient boss and recover his memories across Wraeclast.

The biggest free online RPG out there,

If you don’t know the game, let’s talk about it a little bit.

Path of Exile
Path of Exile. Source: Steam.

PAO started back in 2013 as a Diablo homage. It’s a full-on dungeon-crawler RPG set in a demonic world and following a set of missions until you finish the game.

There are no classes in the game. Instead, there’s a big map of passive abilities, a tree, and six different classes starting in various positions of the skill tree.

As you level up, you would gain one point for a passive ability to pump the stats, HP, mana, HP regeneration, damage, critical attacks, and other kinds of passive skills.

As for skills, characters obtain skill gems as quest rewards or as loot. You can then insert the gems on sockets within your armors to use them.

Additionally, crafting is both very complex and very rewarding. You have various layers of crafting and personalization to create the perfect set piece for your character.

Here, take a look:

Furthermore, it’s a free game that constantly releases new content every year.

The March expansion has the Synthesis challenge league, as well as new gems, items, and spells rebalances.

Path of Exile: Synthesis

The following update will also bring the long-awaited version for PlayStation 4. On March 11, Path of Exile will even reach Xbox One.

Synthesis will shake up the spell system into something more tactical and easy. More so, the expansion will introduce some incentive for players to revisit past locations.

With the new league, players will be able to start fresh with a new character and follow the storyline that deals with restoring Cava’s memories. The reward is a vast arsenal of loot, spells, and a bizarre dreamscape setting.

Path of Exile
Path of Exile. Source: PAO.

Searching for the memories adds to an already extensive and rewarding end-game to Path of Exile. I should say, however, that reaching high levels is quite a challenge on its own.

Finishing the game (that takes you through three different difficulty levels) can be a failed task if your build is not useful.

Grinding Gears Chris Wilson said Synthesis is the game’s most significant expansion since Fall of Oriath. The developer said the scope of the expansion is “unprecedented,” and it has the goal to open up much more viable build combinations for the characters.

What do you think? Have you played this game? Are you coming back because of the expansion? I don’t know, tell me, what’s your relationship with Path of Exile?


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