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Have you ever heard a company leaking its own mockup before the actual release date? Me neither. Except for this time, Google has officially released its design of the New Pixel 4. The release date of the device is not until October.


And there are a lot of significant changes happening here than the pixel’s previous model. So let’s dig deep into it.

Square Camera Module

From the look of it, it frankly is a direct replica of iPhone’s leaked models. Especially the square camera feature.

Brian Tong  on his youtube channel said:

“They did this to get ahead of the debate on who did it first between them and apple. The announcement date is on early October, it’s mid-June right now.”

And if you put these pieces together, it does makes sense as iPhone published its release date in September.  However, we all know who did it first (Ahm! Huwaei).

Iphone VS Pixel Who Did It First

But, it simply seems like Google doesn’t really care. As literally every feature was leaked in Pixel 3, they could have just felt like:  “Hey! Let’s do the dirt with our own hands!”

Whatever the case is the square cutout gives away a lot of features we can expect from the new model. The multiple camera lenses, a flash, and a microphone are some obvious ones you could actually notice in the image.

The In-display Fingerprint Scanner

Putting Pixel 4 Leaks Together
Credits: @atn1988

We can’t see any physical patterns left to fingerprint scanning as we did in their previous generation. This might confirm the in-display fingerprint scanner rumor. On the other hand, they might just stick with Face ID-style system for biometric authentication which by the way have high possibility after the leaked image.

Other Features

The rumor also suggests that the front firing speakers might be shifted to the side on both sides. And still, there is no headphone jack reported on this set. It will run Snap Dragon 855 with 6gb RAM. It will have the latest OS Android Q.

We are still stalking google for more rumors including the fingerprint scanner, whether or not the notch will disappear and also the less focused battery life. Will it extend or not? So, stay tuned for future updates!


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