Pixel Slate, Google's answer to Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface

Google will be unveiling Pixel Slate on October 9th. This new product will be Google’s answer to Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface line of tablets.

From the leaked images at MySmartPrice site, it looks sleek with a front-facing camera.

What can we expect on Pixel Slate?

Pixel Slate will run the newest Android 9 OS. It will run on Intel’s low power version of Intel CPU.

Pixel Slate will come in different versions of Intel 64 bit CPUs. This is because you can expect different models of Pixel Slate, with the higher priced model featuring Intel’s more advanced mobile processor. It comes with 15,922 MB of RAM.

Pixel Slate will come in dark blue outer color on the back and glossy touchscreen on the front inside a bezel. It will have USB Type-C port which will be used for charging as well as connecting any accessory.

It comes with a detachable keyboard and a stylus. The detachable keyboard size looks like what you’ll expect to go with a tablet. Interestingly, there’s a key to launch Google Assistant. The keyboard fold also serves as a casing as well as a stand for the tablet.

Google will also be launching other products on October 9th. Among them are the newer Chromecast with better wifi for game casting and Bluetooth connectivity, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL line of smartphones.

Apart from that, Pixel Slate will most probably be just a Wi-Fi enabled tablet and not a GSM/CDMA data enabled tablet. Furthermore, it is not clear if the tablet will feature fingerprint reader for login security.

For now, we don’t have much information about the pricing of these tablets. Google will be announcing of the specs in more detail about this table on the 9th of October.


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