PlayStation Now
PlayStation Now
PlayStation Now is a subscription service allowing its members to either download or stream PlayStation 4 games. It turns out its subscribes prefer downloading the titles over streaming the games over the net.
PlayStation accounts users “receive double the amount of gameplay time compared to streamed titles” in games they download.
Even as Goole is preparing its game streaming service, Stadia; and while Xbox is developing a cloud ecosystem of game services, users are not ready yet for game streaming.

PlayStation’s cloud gaming

PlayStation Now cloud service
PlayStation Now cloud service offers 750+ for a monthly fee of $19.99. Source: PlayStation Now.
Sony PlayStation was the first gaming company to introduce cloud gaming in the market. They started the tech earlier than their competitors else after they bought Gakai, a cloud-tech startup in 2012.
PlayStation Now launched in 2014. However, Sony didn’t add downloads until late 2018. Now it seems the company was always right about their desition.
Microsoft is not offering anything similar other than the $9.99 per month Xbox Pass, which gives its members Microsoft exclusives and other titles to download. Additionally, Xbox Pass has 216 different titles like Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 7, Minecraft, the Halo franchise, and the Gears of War franchise.
Still, PlayStation Now packs over 750 games, which is about three times what their rivals offer. Even so, it’s main weapon, game-streaming, is apparently not very popular.

Google is putting its trust in Google Staida

Google revealed its game-streaming service in late 2018 under the name Project Stream. They unveiled the product testing a live-stream of Ubisoft’s Assasin’s Creed Odyssey.

Stadia will launch in 2019, and it will offer its subscribers -for an unknown fee- the ability to stream games from a Google Chrome browser with a Windows computers, smart TVs, or a Google Pixel mobile device.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai points game publishers are excited about the cloud-based service. Pichai is confident: he says Stadia is powerful and impressive enough to “completely win” over game studios as well as game enthusiasts.

I think we see genuine excitement because, I think, they see the opportunity for a shift, a point of inflection, but they realized the technical challenge of pulling something like this off. And so, but once they get their hands on with the technology and then they see the experience, I think, completely wins people over.

The price for Google Stadia is yet unknown
The price for Google Stadia is yet unknown. Source: Tubefilter.

Stadia is the company’s first step into the gaming industry. Google claims it will deliver AAA gaming to any screen -expect Appel and most Android smartphones and tablets, for now-. Google’s data centers will handle the games’ graphics, while your display will handle the streaming. Much like Netflix.


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