US consumers can expect a surge in the price of laptops and tablets in the country. The US currently has its horns locked with China in a full blown trade war. And as part of that war, Trump is proposing tariffs on all goods imported from China. According to a report by the Consumer Technology Association, this could result in the prices of laptops and tablets going up 19%.

The average price of a Laptop purchases in the U.S. is currently $622. A 19% increase would see a $120 hike in the price of laptops in the country. This could potentially reduce the sales of Laptops in the U.S. by up to 35%. This report comes from the Consumer Technology Association. This is an 2200 member strong organization that represents the consumer electronics industry in America.

The U.S. currently imports 90% of its laptops and tablets from China. And its not like big corporations that have manufacturing plants in China can simply move their operations to a different country. China’s output efficiency in manufacturing electronic devices is currently a massive 35 times greater than that of its closest competitor.

Other Price Increases

President Trump has proposed a tariffs ranging up to 25% on all consumer items being imported from China. This could result in a price hikes in a lot of electronic devices. This tariff will also affect other items including mobile phones, game consoles and drones. Mobile phones could reportedly cost 14% more. The prices of game consoles and drones could increase by 19% and 15% respectively.

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