Last week we reported the unveiling of Microsoft’s next gen gaming console, Xbox Scarlett. And while there’s been a lot of hype surrounding the Scarlett since its big unveiling, there’s a pretty big rumor floating around. There are speculations that the next generation PlayStation (PS5) could be much more powerful than the already powerful Xbox Scarlett.

We first heard the rumor from Andrew Reiner of Game Informer. Here’s a tweet from him just before the unveiling of the Scarlett:

Now, there’s a new update to reinforce this rumor. In a recent podcast, former IGN editor Colin Moriarty confirmed that he had investigated into this rumor. Moriarty revealed that he had inquired about this with quite a few developers. And those that had worked with the devkits for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett had confirmed that the PS5 is indeed much more powerful. Here’s the full podcast:

(It’s worth a listen for all PlayStation fans)

Xbox Scarlett

Microsoft announced Xbox Scarlett as part of their E3 2019 Press Event last week. Here are some of the specifications that the next gen Xbox will boast:

Although we are yet to get a glimpse of the actual console, we have speculations regarding the price. Both the Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 are expected to start selling for $399. We will keep you updated.


We are still a year away from the release of the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. But it appears that the age old console wars between the two companies is already beginning to flare up. The Scarlett is coming out in the holiday season of 2020. The release date for the PS5 hasn’t been announced yet, but it can be speculated that it’ll be around the same time.

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