Rockstar has announced yet another update to Red Dead Online. This comes only weeks after coming out of the beta stage & one week after its first major update. The new update features the new Wild Animal Kills Challenge, a new showdown mode called Head for the Hills and a lots of other bonus features such as new clothing and a new care package. Read Dead Online comes along with Red Dead Redemption 2, which is available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Earlier this month, Red Dead Online officially removed the Beta label from its title logo, indicating the official end of its beta phase. And with that the updates have started rolling out. This is already the third significant update this month. It seems Rockstar is following the successful model of its other big hit Grand Theft Auto V. Just like with Grand Theft Auto Online, Red Dead’s online aspect is what will drive continued support and updates.

We have listed and described in brief each element of the latest update below:

Wild Animal Kills Challenge

The new Wild Animal Kills Challenge is a free roam event where the player’s only focus will be hunting animals. They will be put against other hunters in a sort of challenge, but won’t be allowed to attack them. Depending on what animal they kill and how big it is, they will be awarded points. Small animals, medium sized animals and big animals will merit 1, 2 and 3 points respectively, with more dangerous animals like cougars, bears and wolves meriting bonus points.

Head for the Hills

Head for the Hills is a new showdown mode introduced as part of this update. In this showdown, players will running through no-man’s land to their safe houses which their opponents try to hunt them down. Players will take turns to be the hunter or the hunted.

Rockstar has announced two more showdown modes ‘Public Enemy’ and ‘Sport of Kings’, that will be released within the next two weeks.

A Land of Opportunities

Also as part of the upgrade bonus, you will be able to earn special points and gold for partaking in certain ‘A land of opportunities’ missions. For completing the firts mission, ‘Honor Among Horse Thieves’, players will be awarded RDO$50. For completing ‘Kill Them, Each and Every One’, they will be awarded RDO$75. And for completing ‘Destroyed by Grief’, they will be awarded 10 Gold Bars.

New Clothing & Care Package

There are also a lot of interesting new clothing updates. These include the limited supply Racoon Hat, Shaffer Chaps and Plaid Caps as well as the Flora Corseted Chemise and Paddon Shirt tops.

This update also awards a care-package to everyone. The packet includes 5 Potent Miracle Tonics, 5 Potent Bitters, 5 Potent Health Curesm 5 Potent Snake Oils and 120 Express Revolver Ammos. To collect their package, players will have to visit either their Camp Lockbox or the Post Office.

2-Step Verification Bonus

Another interesting bonus awarded as part of this update is the 2-step verification bonus. All users who switch on the 2-step verification for their Social Club account will be awarded an exclusive Racoon Hat and 10 Gold Bars in Red Dead Online. (Players will also be awarded GTA$500,000 in GTA Online.)

Red Dead Online Community Live Stream

On Friday, May 31, 5pm EST, Rockstar will host its very first Red Dead Online community live stream. They will be showcasing these updated gameplays and challenges. You can follow the stream at Rockstar’s official Twitch, YouTube or Facebook channels.

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