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Samsung is less than a month away from revealing its new flagship smartphone for this year, the Galaxy S10. The company, as always, can be expected to label its new phone as being revolutionary and futuristic. And there have been rumors that the Galaxy S10 will indeed have an interesting design and some amazing new features. But as far as the future is concerned, it seems like Samsung has a lot more planned than just the S10.

Earlier today, Samsung Vietnam published a strange video. The video, which has since been deleted, showcased a lot of Samsung’s existing, upcoming and conceptual products. And among them was the fabled foldable smartphone. Samsung first introduced its concept for the flexible display phone a few years back. And with this video the public has gotten its first glimpse of this phone, which has been dubbed ‘Galaxy F’ or ‘Galaxy X’.

Samsung has been incredibly quite regarding this concept phone. Many had even gone on to speculate that the company wasn’t actually planning on developing the flexible display phone. But this video from Samsung Vietnam clearly shows that the company does indeed plan on releasing this phone. Samsung Vietnam has since deleted the video, but it was online long enough for many to get a glimpse and even repost. Here’s the video:

The Future

The foldable phone can be seen at around the 23-second mark in the video. The phone appears to features a regular display on the outside and a bigger foldable display on the inside. The outer display appears to be featuring a contemporary Android home-screen. So could that actually mean that this phone is a close-to-market product? We have our fingers crossed. Samsung won’t be the first to release this concept to the public though. The Royole FlexPai which as released a couple of months back became the world’s first flexible display phone. The phone did face a lot of criticism. But Samsung, being a much bigger and more experienced manufacturer, can be expected to release a finer product.

Alongside the foldable phone, the video also showcases a number of other Samsung products. This includes a beautiful bezel-less Galaxy tablet. This could also be a reality considering the capabilities of the latest AMOLED tech. Samsung already manufactures a 15.6-inch AMOLED display for its premium notebooks, so a bezel-less Tablet can’t really be considered as being too far-fetched. Other interesting techs featured in the video included the following:

  • a fashion designer using gestures on a large display,
  • a tattoo artist remotely tattooing a client using a robot,
  • a pregnant couple using some sort of a modular device attached to their smartphone to get an ultrasound image of their baby.

Huawei’s Folding Phone

Huawei has in the recent years been Samsung’s greatest competitor. It has overtaken the Korean giant in many important markets and technological marks. In the context of the flexible display tech, Huawei has announced that it is going to debut its own foldable phone on February 24, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Samsung too had been debuting its flagship smartphones at the Mobile World Congress for the past few years. But this year the company has opted to reveal the S10 at a different event in San Francisco.


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