Samsung Galaxy

Samsung is planning to launch its Galaxy M series of smartphones in India before going Globally. The Korean electronics giant has picked India as the first country to launch their upcoming series of budget smartphones.  It will be releasing three devices at the end of January.

Asmi Warsi, the senior vice president of smartphone business at Samsung India, talked about the decision with Reuters. He said that low-price smartphones would be targeted toward millennials in India. He also added that the devices would be available on Samsung’s website and on Amazon India at the end of January. Warsi talked about Samsung’s ambitious plans to double the number of online sales in India.

From flip phones, Samsung used to be the highest selling smartphone brand in India. And, it lost that crown to the Chinese company Xiaomi at the end of 2017. Xiaomi owes much of its success in India to its Redmi series of smartphones. Samsung has so far failed to offer a competitor in the same price range as the Redmi series. But it intends to change that with the launch of the Galaxy M series this month.

Samsung is planning to launch three different low-price smartphones by the end of this month. According to leaked reports, the three devices will reportedly be called M10, M20 and M30. These unconfirmed reports speculated that the M30 could be powered with a 4GB Ram and an Exynos 7885 chip.

The three devices will be priced between $140 (Rs. 10,000) and $280 (Rs. 20,000), according to Asmi Warsi. He also added that the devices will come with huge batteries and rapid charging. He refrained from sharing any further information.

Samsung still maintains a sort of an advantage over its competitors in India. It still maintains an edge in terms of expertise in R&D and supply chain. Furthermore, the company launched what it calls the largest mobile phone factory in the world last month in Noida, just outside India’s capital New Delhi. Goes to show that the Korean giants mean business.

Galaxy S10

As for the rest of the world, all eyes are keen for the first glimpse of the Galaxy S10. Samsung has announced that it will be launching its flagship smartphone for this year, the Galaxy S10, on Feb 20 in San Francisco. Unlike last year, Samsung will not be waiting for the mobile world congress in Barcelona to unveil its flagship phone.

So far, we have heard very little and seen even less of the upcoming smartphone. EvLeaks had leaked this photo of the Galaxy S10 earlier last week:

This leak confirms that the S10 is going to be the first Samsung smartphone with an edge-to-edge design. And the more interesting revelation is the presence of the hole-punch design for the S10’s front-facing camera.


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