Galaxy S10

The first ever image of a Samsung Galaxy S10 has been leaked. Evan Blass (@EVLeaks) is known for leaking pictures of upcoming gadgets on Twitter. He released the following photo of Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone:

We admit it’s not the best photo. And yes, we’ve been wondering about those blurs too. They’re probably there to hide the source of the leak. But believe it or not, this is so far the best photo of the S10 out there. Until now, the only real info regarding the design of Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone came from this video of a screen protector for the device:

Samsung has made it a tradition of releasing its flagship smartphones on March. The Galaxy S10 will also most likely be releasing in a couple of months, on March at the Mobile World Congress. The working title for the Galaxy S10 will most likely be “Beyond 1”.

The Design

This photo confirms that the S10 is going to be the first Samsung smartphone with an edge-to-edge design. But the most interesting revelation in this photo is the presence of the hole-punch design for the front facing camera. Samsung had famously held off from adding a notch design camera in the Galaxy S9. But as it turns out, the company is skipping that design plan altogether and instead opting for a hole-punch design. Huawei has already beat Samsung to this design though, with 2018’s Nova 4 rocking a hole-punch camera.

More than just a pretty thing?

If more rumors from EVLeaks is to be trusted, the Galaxy S10 is set to more than just a pretty thing. Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone will be featuring an ability to wirelessly charge compatible handsets and other Samsung wearables. This is another feature that Huawei has beat Samsung to.

Summing up all the rumors of the Galaxy S10

Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone is expected to start selling at $779. To sum up, we have made a list of all existing rumors regarding the features of the Galaxy S10:

  • CPU : Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855
  • RAM : 8 or 12GB
  • Storage : 128GB to 1TB / Fast Storage
  • Camera : Dual-lens front-facing camera, dual, triple or quad-lens real camera
  • Lenses : 12MP, 13MP and 16MP
  • Resolution : 1440 x 3040
  • Aspect Ration : 19:9
  • Display Sizes : 3 different sizes
  • Security : Improved 3D face scanner and in-screen fingerprint scanner


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