Remote Access

Samsung has announced that its 2019 line up of smart TV sets will come with a remote access feature that you will allow you to remotely access your computer. The Korean multinational company didn’t say much regarding the nature of this new feature. But we expect Samsung to reveal more during CES, which starts on January 8. Samsung made the announcement via a press release.

Samsung has announced that it is teaming up with VMWare to develop this remote access feature. VMWare is a company that already develops software for most operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. This collaboration could mean that Samsung’s new remote access feature will work across all of these platforms. Although Samsung hasn’t revealed enough for us to be sure about this, this would indeed be a huge game changer. Existing services such as Google’s Chromecast or Apple’s Apple TV, as well as services from other companies such as LG or Roku all have huge limitations regarding the platforms they run on.

A Big Step

This new feature will serve as a natural progression to the Steam Link app for the Samsung Smart TVs of 2017 and 2018. This app allowed gamers to stream games from their PC to their Samsung TVs with the help of a third-party tool, Steam. With this new remote access feature, users will now be able to simply use their TVs as a giant monitor. A huge lure for gamers who usually have to spend a lot on expensive displays. This will also appeal to those who love to do their computer tasks or surf the web on a big screen. The press release has announced that users will also be able to connect a keyboard and mouse to their TVs. This will most likely be achieved via USB.

Samsung has also said that it has done all it can to ensure that this new feature will be secure. The company says that it has used “proprietary Knox security technology” to ensure this. But it hasn’t revealed more regarding how this technology will actually work. Secure connections have indeed become a huge priority for the modern tech user.

More Services To The Users

Here’s a statement from Hyogun Lee regarding the new remote access feature. He is the Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung.

“Samsung is committed to creating an intuitive and convenient user experience for consumers. With Remote Access, consumers will be able to easily access various programs, apps and cloud services installed on multiple connected devices directly through their TV screen. We will continue to collaborate with our partners to expand the compatibility of Remote Access and provide more services to our users.”


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