Samsung used a DSLR Photograph to fake Galaxy A8 Star Photo Capability

You would’ve guessed big companies would be careful with their product advertisement. And for the most part, you would be right.

Occasionally, misleading promotions make headline news. Which makes you wonder, what were the people who work for these companies thinking.

Imagine a photographer’s surprise when she found her photo in Samsung’s Galaxy A8 Star online product page. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if only Dunja Djudjic’s photograph was taken with the Galaxy A8 Star phone or perhaps any other smartphone. She took the photo with a DSLR camera!

Dunja Djudjic Original Photo DSLR
Dunja Djudjic’s Original Photo

Samsung went a step further. It completely modified the background of the photograph and even did a touch-up on her face and hair to showcase the portrait mode of its smartphone. But photoshop flattery will only get you so far.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Misleading Advertisement
From Samsung Galaxy A8 Page

From the Galaxy A8 Star page, it is clear that Samsung wanted to highlight the phone’s capability to blur the background of a photo in the portrait mode. However, Samsung is now in the foreground in the news, let alone the actual efficacy of its phone.

Both Samsung and the Chinese phone maker Huawei were accused of deceitful advertisements for their smartphones using misleading photos a few months back. This time around, however, it’s a Deja’ Vu moment for Samsung.

Source : DIYPhotography


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