E3 is on full roll. And as part of their E3 Press event, Microsoft have announced the next generation Xbox. Code named Project Scarlett, this next Gen gaming console from Microsoft will be released during the holiday season of 2020.

This is definitely not the first we’re hearing of “Scarlett”. We’ve been hearing rumors regarding the next generation Xbox since last year. But this is the first official announcement from Microsoft. Check out this reveal video from Microsoft:


Microsoft didn’t actually show us the console, but it did present the power the upcoming device would be packing inside it. Xbox Scarlett will reportedly come with processors that have been co-engineered by AMD and Microsoft. And these custom built processors will use both Navi and Zen 2 technologies from AMD.

Microsoft has also announced that the new Xbox will come with native 4k resolutions and 60 fps support. And at the higher end, it will be able to support 8K resolutions and upto 120 fps frame rates! (8k at 120 fps though? We’re not too sure about that). Scarlett will also feature hardware accelerated ray tracing.

Memory wise, the next gen Xbox will reportedly feature GDDR6 memory. Furthermore, perhaps one of the most interesting features about this console is the solid state drive. The SSD will function as a Virtual RAM and will supposedly make this console almost 40 times faster than it’s predecessor.

And talking about predecessors, it is understood that Xbox Scarlett has backward compatibility. Microsoft says that it will support “four generations of content”, implying that games from all Xbox generations will be supported.

Here’s the video of the full Xbox E3 Briefing from Microsoft:

More Information & Release

The next gen Xbox will be launched during the holiday season of 2020. So, based on patterns from the past we can guess that Microsoft could reveal the actual console at E3 2020. That’s exactly a year from now. And in the mean time, we can expect to get tidbits of information from here and there in the form of leaks. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated!

Xbox Elite 2 Controllers

There was another cool Xbox related announcement from Microsoft. The company announced a new set of controllers, called the Xbox Elite Series 2. A quick glance and these controllers appear to have the same build and design as the regular Xbox controller. But Microsoft actually claims that the Xbox Elite controller has been re-engineered to support maximum customization.

These controllers will feature new adjustable tension thumbsticks. Furthermore, Microsoft claims that the triggers and the bumpers in the controllers have been updated to facilitate quicker and smoother responses. For most average gamers, this wouldn’t really make much of a difference. But ask any elite gamer, and even a tiny percentage of increase in the response time is noticeable and appreciated. So this could definitely be a hit release for Microsoft.

Here’s the reveal video from Microsoft:

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers will be available on November 4th. If you’re planning on getting one, it will set you back $179.99. Is that a fair price? You be the judge. These controllers will also boast a support for USB-C and Bluetooth. And Microsoft claims that the rechargeable battery will last as long as 40 hours after a full charge!

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