Marvel’s first superhero family, The Fantastic Four, is coming to Marvel’s Spiderman on a next patch. We get the news from the YouTube live stream “World’s Greatest Week,” an especial event all-things concerned Reid Richards and Co.

Last August, the Fantastic Four returned to the Marvel Comic-verse with an acclaimed bestseller (Fantastic Four 2018 Issue #1). It’s currently one of the industries top-selling comics, and 2019 is celebrating the success with a live stream that kicked of on January 8.

Fantastic Four (2018) #1
Fantastic Four (2018) #1. Source: Polygon.

And during the World’s Greatest Week, the comic’s publisher teased the family team is coming “real soon” to the fantastic PS4 game exclusive.

The live stream is just above you, feel free to check it out.

However, let’s get into context first. Let’s understand why Marvel’s Spiderman is such a great game.

Spiderman may be the best 2018 video gameSpider- 

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an action-adventure PS4 game developed by newcomers Insomniac Games and distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

It was released on September 7, 2018, as an exclusive for PlayStation 4. It has become one of the best video games of 2018.

Critics are already calling Spider-Man the best super-hero game ever made. Like me, they praise the gameplay, particularly web swinging and combat mechanics. Graphics, characterization, narrative, and the design of New York City are even better.

Furthermore, the game is already a commercial success: on the first 3 days of release, it sold over 3.3 million copies. It also became the fastest-selling Sony and super-hero game in US history.

Meet Marvel's Spiderman
And the suit is impressive too. Source: Game Radar.

Spiderman will kick off Marvel’s video-game universe

Well, this is not precisely what developers said, so I’ll coin the term to myself. Marvel Video Game Universe (MVU) would start with the Fantastic FOur featuring on PS4’s Spiderman.

Insomniac Games did not elaborate on the idea, but the studio also highlighted the Fantastic Four in other Marvel Games.

As an ultimate teasing to the fans, Insomniac did retweet Marvel with some naughty emoji eyes.

Fantastic Four coming to Marvel's Spiderman
Yes, a lot of guesses. Source: @Insomniagames.

Where were the Fantastic Four?

The Fantastic Four were missing from both comics and video games since 2015.

In particular, the Fantastic Four went AWOL on 2015’s crossover event Secret Wars (Ultimate). During 2015’s Secret Wars, Earth 1610 (Ultimate Universe) Doctor Doom, with godly powers, collapsed heroes from all universes into Battleworld planet.

The crossover was the ending of the Ultimate Comics (2000-2015), a re-imagination of Marvel’s main heroes. Consequences included Miles Morales (watch Spiderman: Into the Multiverse) becoming a part of the main Universe (Earth 616); and the Fantastic Four were presumed dead or missing.

Marvel Studios is now getting back the rights to all of its main characters. It means the publisher is safe to continue writing stories for heroes that were part of either Fox or Sony’s catalog.

So, Reed Richards came back to its original Universe and put the world back in order and brought its team back to comics, the MVU, and soon, the MCU.

How will the Fantastic Four fit with Marvel’s Spiderman?

It’s worth saying Marvel’s Spiderman has maybe the best Peter Parker you’ve seen outside of comics. The plot covers Peter Parker and its super-hero persona, and it does an amazing job at both.

Here’s the thing: Peter Parker is all about a guy with a deep sense of responsibility who’s always willing to do the right thing, despite the consequences. He’s the guy who can’t catch a break.

As Spiderman, you see a powerful, witty, self-sacrificing hero who ruins his personal life everytime he puts on the mask. But he still does, and he always will.

Marvel’s Spiderman is the truest Peter Parker story you’ll find on mainstream media. He is the perfect balance between power & responsibility; failure & perseverance; faith vs. despair.

Now, the Fantastic Four, and especially Reed Richards, have always had a close relationship with Parker. He serves as his mentor, a close ally, and a friend. Spiderman has even served as a member of the Fantastic Four on more than one occasion.

We are looking at two choices, then. The easiest one is just having a new “Fantastic” suit for Spiderman. There are already three paid DLC packs, and each one includes 3 costumes.

Spiderman Future Foundation Suit
Spiderman Future Foundation Suit. Source: Reddit.

Lastly, the second option is a new story DLC revolving around The Fantastic Four. Last DLC came out just before New Year.


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