I get it. I promise I do. However, I don’t have the official PlayStation 5 release date. What I do have for you is a new Sony exclusive. An incredible title going straight for PS5.

It appears Sony is ordering a huge budget PS5 game and is coming out on 2020. According to a new advert for a senior gameplay animator, the project is going to be an original third-person adventure game.

Furthermore, rumor has it Sony has an alliance with a major studio to produce the game. However, the game is currently unannounced.

“The new game development team will leverage our existing expertise and premier talent, guaranteeing a high visual quality bar for the title,” reads the advert, “Don’t wait…we want to hear from you!”

PlayStation rooster
PlayStation rooster. Source: TweakTown.

A high profile PS5 exclusive

As Sony has not announced the game yet, we can safely assume is on early stages. All evidence points the game will be a AAA PlayStation 5 exclusive title.

Think about Destiny, The Last of Us, Infamous, Uncharted. Only this time, it’s a game ready for the next-gen console, ready to take advantage of the serious power the PS5 will pack.

Everything we know about PS5’s specs and release date

Recent reports say Sony will host a small conference on mid-2019. During the said conference, the Japanese company will reveal PS5’s specs and release date. After that, Sony will showcase the console at the PlayStation Experience (PSX) event.

However, keep in mind Sony PlayStation will not participate on the gaming convention E3 this year. This could explain why the company didn’t host a PSX event in 2018 while also deciding to skip E3 2019.

In other words, it’s possible Sony is holding its cards until its big PS5 reveal event. Because of that, we can expect to see the next-gen console in 2020.

A 2020 release gives Sony a chance to release exclusives currently under production for both the PS4 and the PS5. We’re talking about Media Molecule’s Dreams, The Last of Us 2, and Ghost of Tsushima.

On the other hand, most studios already in possession of a PS5 developers kit describe the console as a powerhouse.

The PlayStation 5 is just around the corner

Usually, each console generation stick around about 6 to 7 years. The PlayStation 3 launched back in 2006, while the PlayStation 4 came in 2013. If Sony continues the pace, PS5 is coming in 2020.

And even though the PS4 is still going strong in the sales (with over 90 million units sold), the PS5 might come late 2019.

More so, the PlayStation 4 Pro is very capable of handling 4K gaming, even if it resorts to upscaling the graphics.

PlayStation 5 specs

We can only speculate what the specs are going to be. As Sony has been collaborating with AMD and incorporated AMD processors and GPUs into the PS4, we can assume the same is happening with the upcoming console.

The machine will surely be 4K ready, pack 16 to 32GB Ram, 1TB HDD storage (as SDD is still very expensive), and a 16 to 32 core processor.

Cost-effectiveness is vital in a console, otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense to buy it instead of a gaming PC. This is the reason why the PS5 will probably aim for smooth 30 FPS on 4K resolutions, which is far of what a high-end PC build can offer.


  1. We dont need native 4k gaming yet as it’s a waste of resources spent elsewhere. Not even 25 percent of houses have 4k TV’s yet and likely won’t for another 5 plus yrs. Most ppl rather have a higher frames per sec like 60 or more and smooth gameplay than 4k. 30 fps is good for horror games but not for heavy action. 4k is a gimmick that you can only see up close anyway. Also currently there are no 4k TV’s that have refresh rates over 60hz, if that. The drawback to 4k is gonna be slower fps and refresh rate. That is more important when gaming online as that actually can determine winning or losing. Pixels upgrades are totally aesthetic and unneeded. Ps6 maybe


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