New Patent Sony Handheld Gaming cartridge

Sony may be coming up with a new type of handheld gaming device. With PlayStation Vita now a disappointment for Sony, the company may be working on a new mobile console.

According to the Techtastic website, Sony has filed a patent for an Electronic Game Cartridge in South Korea. The design is unlike any other handheld gaming device on the market.

New Patent Sony Gaming

However, the inclusion of the term Cartridge in the patent name seems contrary to the trend of more streaming or cloud-based gaming.

We do not have any detail about the patent itself and what technology it will incorporate.

Sony will keep us guessing about the next product since the company has already made it clear that it has no plans for a Vita successor.

Sony sold just 16 million PlayStation Vita. In comparison, the company sold 80 million PSPs. Sony won’t be producing PSVita in Japan after this year.

Sony Patent Game Cartridge
Patent illustrations for Sony Game Cartridge

With the handheld gaming market already dominated by smartphones and a company like Nintendo losing its handheld market share to Apple, the prospect of yet another mobile gaming device from Sony seems not so appealing.

Although only time will tell what Sony has under its sleeves this time.


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