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Music streaming service, Spotify, has officially launched its official app for the Apple Watch. The company had tested a beta version of the app earlier in the month. The launch was announced today on Spotify’s official blog

“We know the importance of having music on the go, which is why we’re excited to bring a new Spotify app to our highly mobile users on Apple Watch”

The announcement also included details about the new application’s features. The company says that with the new application, it will be possible for users to enjoy an improved experience with better control and that they will be able to seamlessly connect to their speakers and other devices. The application will also be able to play podcasts along with the music.

Apple Watch
The new Apple Watch Spotify app in action. [Image source:]


In another version of the app, users could just play or stop the play of music or podcasts. With this new official app, users can do a lot more than that. That includes the ability to skip tracks or rewind a podcast by 15 seconds. The second feature will come handy in case you miss something and want to hear it again. And the best part is, all this can now be done right from this Smartwatch face.

“The new integration with Apple Watch makes accessing your recently played songs simple, even with your phone in your pocket.”

One of the reasons this app is expected to be a hit is because it will now allow users to stream music from their watch without having to pull out their phones from their pockets. An application developed specifically for a device always makes for a better experience that just using apps build for other devices. Apple Watch users will now be able to seamlessly do stuff like switching tracks, moving around playlists or changing volume. Furthermore, they can also control which connected device they want to play the music on.

All that said, there are some features that are still missing from this application. For instance, users can’t download songs that they can play offline. This is a feature that Spotify has promised it will add in future versions of the application. Another problem is that Apple Watches that come with a build it 4G LTE, will not be able to stream to wireless headphones. This could be a big deal for users who love listening to music while running/walking.

Release Notes

Spotify has said that it will start rolling out the new Apple Watch application to users in the coming week. The release note for the application on App Store says that this is the “first version” of the application. Spotify has confirmed this in their announcement blog, claiming that future versions of the app will include more features including the ability to play music and podcasts while offline.

“This new experience will be rolling out to Apple Watch users over the coming week. Make sure that you have the latest version (v.8.4.79) of Spotify, or download it on the App Store—and look out for more updates coming soon.”

Spotify is the most popular music streaming app in the world, with an active user base of over 190 million people. Its prime competitor, Apple’s own Apple Music has a use base of 50 million people. With the release of a Spotify app for Apple Watch, the appeal for the music streaming service is expected to bolster among Apple loyalists.


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