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Streaming games on Facebook just got a whole lot of easier. The social media giant announced the full integration of Streamlabs OBS to its service-within-a-service Facebook Gaming. With this announcement, it has become clear that Facebook is looking to claim the throne of the Game streaming market. The market leader at the present moment is Twitch. At this point it isn’t a certainty that this integration will indeed give Facebook Gaming a boost in the market. Twitch does already have a dedicated streaming audience. But both Facebook and Streamlabs seem optimistic about the integration.

Broadcasting games on Facebook

The process of streaming games on the internet is currently quite complicated. Facebook Gaming hopes to make the process easier with this integration with Streamlabs OBS. Users will need a Facebook page in order to do the streaming. While, some might consider this a barrier in itself, the process isn’t all that difficult:

  1. Go to facebook.com/live/create.
  2. Create live stream
  3. Choose where you want to post the broadcast (Select a page that you manage)
  4. Enter details.

The Integration

Streamlabs offers a range of tools and services made specifically for live streaming games. Following the integration, Facebook Gaming will now be able to benefit from these added features. Streamlabs will be able to offer features such as embedded chat, auto-fill stream information, automated notification and stream schedule.

Furthermore, Streamlabs is also working on some Facebook-specific features. These include alerts whenever someone likes, follows or shares a stream. Streamlabs expects to have this feature out soon. This is a sign that both companies are really looking to try and make this work, something for creators to look forward to.

Statements from the two companies

Streamlabs CEO Ali Moiz made a statement regarding this integration with Facebook Gaming. He talked about what he thought this could do to the market.

“In 2018, we saw a 91% increase in content creators using Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) on Facebook. We hope that this full Facebook Gaming integration will open the doors for thousands more to enter the market and make money doing what they love.”

Nick Miller, the Product Manager at Facebook Gaming, gave a statement about the integration too. He talked about how the company was looking to make live streaming easier and more rewarding for the platform’s growing community of gaming creators. He added that Facebook would continue working with partners like Streamlabs to improve the experience of streaming games on the social media platform:

“We’ll continue to work with partners like Streamlabs so gaming creators can focus on what’s most important – making awesome content, connecting with their fans and earning money from their work.”


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