Taylor Swift Concert used Facial Recognition citing security concern

Citing a security threat from possible stalkers getting in singer Taylor Swift’s Rose Bowl concert earlier this year, the organizers reportedly took advantage of the facial recognition technology to keep away any crazy troublemakers.

A camera hidden behind the main kiosk took images of the concert goers. The facial recognition data was then cross-checked with any known stalkers of the singer.

Facial recognition technology has been used in the past. Most notably during the Super Bowl games.

However, the concert attendees had no idea that they were being profiled, which had some privacy advocates on edge.

Taylor Swift Rose Bowl Concert

It is not known whether the data collected at the concert was subsequently destroyed nor the extent of the database used to in the digital searching.

There have been some crazy Taylor Swift fans over the years. Just recently one of her stalkers was able to break into her Manhattan house.

While the safety of the singer is unquestionably the number one priority, a simple warning about the use of the facial recognition would have done a lot to ease the privacy concern of many.


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