Nvidia GeForce Now
Nvidia GeForce Now

PC Gaming is facing a global decline as 20 million PC gamers are going towards console and cloud services. Meanwhile, cloud gaming will explode in the next 5 to 7 years as recent research estimates.

Google’s cloud-gaming service Stadia is launching sometime this year opening a $7 billion market opportunity in a growing business. Other competitors include Microsoft, working on Project xCloud. However, right now, the one company defining the upcoming mainstream gaming of choice. We’re talking about Nvidia, which has delivered their own streaming service for years: Nvidia GeForce Now.

Nvidia GeForce Now cluoud gaming platform
Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming platform. Source: Nvidia Shield.

The company not only builds graphics cards. Additionally, the company is at the top of machine learning and cloud gaming.

Nvidia GeForce Now is dictating and evolving cloud gaming

Nvidia launched GeForce Now in September 2015 as an evolution of its prior Nvidia GRID, a virtual ecosystem. The cost at launch was $7,99, but it’s now free on every Shield Android TV.

The Nvidia Shield -Shield Android TV or Shield Console- is an Android TV digital media player made by Nvidia. It’s part of the Shield brand of Android devices. Like other Android TV devices, it streams content from different apps and supports 4K video resolution. It has a 16 GB flash storage model or a 500 GB hard drive alternative, the Shield Pro.

It’s an unknown platform, so it’s worth naming the kind of games Nvidia GeForce Now offers. First of all, you can find popular multiplayer titles on the platform like Fortnite, Paragon, and Player Unknown Battlegrounds.
Secondly, it features over 400 titles. According to GeForce, the most played games on the platform include:
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt;
  • MotoGP 15;
  • Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power;
  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2;
  • Metro 2033 Redux;
  • Saints Row IV.
Some of the games are included in the service, while others you have to buy. You can check the full list of titles here.
It’s also available on computers for either Mac or Windows operating systems. The PC version works as renting a virtual machine to play games remotely with the help of Nvidia’s servers.
Nvidia GeForce Now beta has evolved and allows users to install the app on any modest machine and have access to the game library.

The beta version has 300,000 active subscribers and 1 million people on the waiting list. It might not be huge compared to either PlayStation or Xbox’s numbers, but it’s sure better than Google Stadia’s zero subscribers base.

Users will soon migrate to cloud gaming

Google Stadia
Google Stadia. Source: The Verge.

TV platform-based services will soon become gamers first option. Both Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now will deliver their content on TVs, and content is king.

But as the content is king, we know for sure Nvidia doesn’t create exclusive content, while Microsoft has some experience creating unique AAA titles on its own. Google Stadia, on the other hand, has already allied with several game studios to develop Google-exclusive content.

On the upside, Nvidia is promising easy work for developers, while Google depends on a Linux-based ecosystem. More so, GeForce Now beta is easy to use and requires almost no setup to stream any game.

Nvidia powers its cloud-gaming platform with over 15 data centers across Europe and the US. It includes 40 RTX GPUs capable of ray tracing effects and other top-notch graphics features and technologies. 

As Nvidia evolves its service, the company will continue setting up as the cloud-gaming leader and indeed pave the way for Google, Microsoft, and other future contenders.


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