Players are the main characters of the Destiny universe
Players are the main characters of the Destiny universe

We’ve got all the clues from Destiny 2 scholars. Right now, it seems there’s no other way than believing we the Guardians, as the players, are the gods of the Destiny universe. Even more, some factions and even the game itself are aware of our existence.

That’s the latest Destiny 2 fan theory going around Reddit and gaming sites, and I’me here to convince you why this is true.

It’s true that Destiny 2 put Activision Blizzard in trouble after its floppy launch. However, we still find the value in games that can break the fourth wall.

A wild Destiny 2 fan theory.
A wild Destiny 2 fan theory. Source: Polygon.

Destiny 2 is preparing you for a mindblowing plot twist

Since Destiny 2 launched, the lore has been teasing some major revelation.

A Destiny 2 fan theory saying players themselves are the gods of the game’s universe is getting traction.

The future plot will probably involve The Drifter, a light-bearer who hosts Gambit and acts as a vendor for all Gambit’s related items. He’s a traveler that has explored all corners of the Solar System and beyond, and is soon to reveal something even more significant.

However, before the big event, we are sure to see another huge plot twist, one that Activision has been teasing for years:

The players are the main characters of Destiny 2’s universe

Check a new cutscene that’s highlighting this wild fan theory.

Destiny 2 players are Gods

Last week there was a bounty-hunting event called Invitations of the Nine. During the 5th bounty of the special occasion, players went to the Realm of the Nine for a short cutscene.

During the cutscene, the Emissary of the Nine talks to the Nine apparently on behalf of the players.

Destiny 2 Emissary of the Nine
Destiny 2 Emissary of the Nine. Source: Polygon.

In the video, the Emissary of the Nine speaks to the Nine apparently on our behalf. Here’s the transcript of the full conversation

Emissary: Power.

Nine: Like you?

Emissary: No one is like him.

Nine: We don’t understand.

Emissary: He has agency like you wouldn’t believe. He can leave this place.

Nine: This plane? We can leave this plane.

Emissary: Think bigger. He can leave this game.

Nine: We don’t understand.

Emissary: Then I’m afraid it’s impossible to explain. 

You can see the full cutscene on the video below. It starts at the 10: 45-minute mark.

The Emissary of the Nine recognizes you, the player

Here’s another clue. If you see the scene as a female Guardian, then the Emissary will change his words to address your character’s gender.

So, for example, the Emissary will say: “No one is like her,” or “she has agency like you wouldn’t believe.”

Furthermore, he says a line about leaving the game, further fueling the theory about some factions wanting to escape into the real world. The Emissary is leading players to believe him and other factions are aware of real players controlling Destiny’s universe with their desitions and actions.

It all sounds like something leading to so much more.

There’s already a  Reddit post with more than 6,000 upvotes, where user BC1096 covers the basis of the theory.

In summary, he says the Emissary is acting as a link between the players and the in-game characters.

Lore entries

BC1096 and other players pointed two different lore entries that speak about the player. These entries are supporting the theory saying players are Destiny’s gods.

The Reddit user and other Destiny 2 players have pointed two lore entries referencing the “player” to support the theory.

The Otherside sparrow lore says: “a player on the other side –a perfect enemy, just as powerful, just as smart, just as experience.” Furthermore, it reads: “Right now, someone out there is waiting for you,  and they know you so well they practically see you.”

Destiny 2 Otherside sparrow
Destiny 2 Otherside sparrow. Source: Ishtar Collective.

In a similar manner, the Skull of Dire Ahamkara Exotic helmet lore entry reads: ” came to find you, only you, because you’re special. You’re from somewhere real. And together we can burn our way back there. Can’t we, o player mine?”

Skull of Dire Ahamkara Exotic helmet lore entry
Skull of Dire Ahamkara Exotic helmet lore entry. Source: Ishtar Collective.

Players are accepting one of the following two theories:

  • Either the Vanguard is covering up your existence as a player with “agency” beyond any other Destiny 2 character;
  • Or Riven the Ahamkara is plotting to escape from the game.

Overall, it’s a plot twist we’ll soon see. However, I don’t know if it will be a true game breaker or just a cute fourth wall break. What do you think? Leave your comment down below!


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