PlayStation VR

Sony is working on a new PlayStation VR patent. The upcoming technology will allow you to see representations of your friends within the virtual reality.

Gaming board Siliconera spotted two Sony fillings this week regarding their virtual reality headset. It points to the company’s plans and expectations for the future.

The Japanese tech company filled the patents in 2017 and 2018. It suggests that, if Sony pursues, it could become a reality soon.

PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR. Source: PlayStation.

How Sony will change the VR experience for PlayStation

The first change for the PlayStation VR refers to live events. Sony’s patent talks about a scenario where the player is in a real-world location, like a sports stadium, a museum, or a famous street. The headset should then anchor the user “to a physical location in the venue.”

In such case, users would be surrounded by real-world attendees. It would give them a sense of attending an event in real time as if they were actually there. Imagine, for example, watching a UEFA Champions League football match, live, with your VR headset from your couch.

It does, however, sound similar to other live VR peripherals like Melody VR, Next VR, or Oculus Venues.

You’re in the game with the upcoming PSVR

PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR. Source: Amazon UK.

The most exciting upgrade is the second application, which Sony filled in 2018. It speaks of turning your friends from your PlayStation Network list into spectators of the games you play.

Hence, rather than interacting with the classic NPC crowds or hearing the goal scream from empty AI faces in your FIFA match, your friends could choose to be there, as an avatar, to cheer you in your game.

The avatars could be true to life and have any kind of stylized representation users choose to submit. Furthermore, PS VR users could choose to see the games in real-time, or just show their support with a pre-programmed clip of themselves.

It’s an exciting idea that although it doesn’t add anything of substance to the games, it does increase participation between players. It’s also important and relevant to the rise of eSports, and it could give the industry a full crowd of VR-enhanced fans.

More so, it can decrease the often lonely feeling of VR experiences and turn it into a more collective endeavour.

Overall, it seems like the gateway to better things, and we can only hope it turns into a reality. However, let’s expect Sony doesn’t apply these avatars to games like Rockstars’ VR GTA 5. I’m not sure if I would fancy having my avatar run over by a driving maniac.

It’s safe to say, though, that these improvements will come by the time the PlayStation 5 launches. Sony’s next-gen console will bring forth essential changes to their user’s VR experiences.

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