Is USB data recovery possible or is it just a scam?

The solid-state storage offers the convenience of portability but they are susceptible to errors. The search for USB data recovery has gone up in recent years and rightfully so because everyone is sporting a flash drive these days. Since the latest ones are available with massive storage sizes, the adoption rates are projected to rise even more.

Data recovery is a process by which users can restore lost files from their USB drives. However, many hold skepticism on whether or not it actually works.

So let’s have a look at how Data recovery works, or whether it works at all!

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is a simple concept, to get back data that seems lost from the device. However, the same easiness is not seen in the actual recovery process.

For one, there is no visible trace left that you can make use of with your file explorer. The second reason why it is so hard is that even if the data remains on the disk, it can be overwritten anytime by new sets of data.

Data recovery software scans the disk sectors and logs files to recover the data that is within them. Sometimes, the files may be separated and stored at different places. The software combines the data and shows it to the user the combined file for review.

There are many useful guides that teach users how to recover corrupted files from USB, and reliable software as such is a life saver when it comes to removing very important files.

What are the common USB file corruption or file loss scenarios?

Flash drives are certainly getting more advanced, but that doesn’t mean that they are free from errors. But sometimes, we become the reason for such errors in the first place.

Let’s examine the most common cases of File loss:

File Deletion

We have been there where we accidentally pressed delete only to find that the file has been lost from the drive.
File recovery probability: With the accidental deletion of files from flash drives, the data will not be erased from the drive completely. You can still use data recovery software to recover the data. but ensure that you do not transfer any new files to the USB drive before recovery as they can overwrite the current deleted files.

System formatting

Flash drives are subjected to regular formatting by users as it is the easiest way to wipe all the data from the flash storage. It is common to see users format their disks and realized that they haven’t moved some important files from them.
File recovery probability: if you have formatted an NTFS storage system, then you may recover files within it using recovery software. However, the chance of getting your files back significantly lowers if you have formatted a FAT file system.

File Corruption

File recovery probability: File system corruption happen when your storage unit fails to write or read data properly. This can rarely happen out of the blue, however, this is most commonly associated with a dying storage system.
Fire recovery probability: the recovery success, in this case, will solely depend on whether the data has written on to the flash drive. If data has been written, then file recovery is possible, however the same cannot be said if the system was not able to write the files onto the device.

Damaged USB drive

Damage to USB drive can happen due to external factors like hard impacts, damage from elements (water, temperature, etc.) or from software like viruses or malware.

File recovery probability: In such cases, if the flash drive is detected by the computer, you can almost always salvage the info on it. However, if the device is damaged to a state where it cannot be recognized, then invasive repair jobs might be the only answer.

Use a professional option instead, it’s much easier! – Recoverit Data Recovery

Are you fed up with all the manual recovery methods? Are they not helping you recover the files you desperately need? Then it is time to use powerful software like Recoverit to solve the issue. It is a file recovery software that is designed to extract data from both internal and external storage devices.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to know how it works!

Step 1:

Download and install Recoverit Data Recovery software on your computer. Launch the software and the following window will be shown. Click on External Devices Recovery.
USB Data Recovery Step 1

Step 2:

Select the drive where you want the software to search.

USB Data Recovery Step 2

Step 3:

The software will show you the list of deleted files.

USB Data Recovery Step 3

Step 4:

Select the files you want to recover and click Recover.

USB Data Recovery Step 4

And that’s it! You can preview and recover the files you want with Recoverit and have it saved to your local drive in no time. No other method gives you this much freedom in data recovery, must-have software for any user!


When your data is at risk, you need to be very careful about how you try to recover it. Your mission of getting your files can go wrong if you are not careful with the methods that you use. Hence, this why we recommend a reliable flash drive recovery software like Recoverit rather than tinkering on your own.

Once you extract the files if it’s time to buy a new flash drive, do it immediately. Do not use the pen drive that been corrupted as your daily driver as it can fail on you again. Hope this article helped you in sorting things out!


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