Xbox One X
Xbox One X. Source: Xbox.

The Xbox Two might have a real chance against the PlayStation 4. Even more, the Xbox Two might also dominate the market with an exciting lineup of Microsoft exclusives.

Let’s remember the Xbox One appeared to be a failed experiment the moment Microsoft announced it. However, things seem to be different for the next-gen console battle.

One bad turn after the next sealed the Xbox One’s destiny before it even launched. Remember, for example, that the console shipped with a Kinect bundle that nobody wanted.

It’s too late for the Xbox One to challenge the PS4 seriously. However, Microsoft has consistently laid the groundwork for a much more successful next-gen console.

Is Microsoft moving in the right direction?

Here’s why Xbox Two could surpass the PS% in both sales and performance on the next-gen war.

One of the best reasons is a bunch of upcoming exclusive titles for the Xbox Two. A secret to no one is that Sony has kept a premium lineup of studios working titles for their console.

We’ve seen, then, incredible games like The Last of Us and Uncharted by Naughty Dog, which is the main exclusive Sony studio.

More so, we’ve enjoyed jewels like the God of War 4 by Santa Monica Studio; or the Infamous franchise by Sucker Punch Productions.

Infamous Second Son
Infamous Second Son. Source: PlayStation.

Forza Horizon aside, Microsoft has always lacked on the exclusive department. There’s no Xbox exclusive that makes a PS owner jealous. Or, even worse, no Microsoft exclusive is compelling enough to make people want to buy an Xbox only to play it. And no, Halo or Gears of War are not enough.

Studios joining Microsoft

Fortunately, Microsoft has plans to release new exclusive via its Xbox Game Pass. The company already announced the acquisition of several game developers in 2018. One of such is Ninja Theory, creators of Hellblade.

Hellbalde is only available for Windows computers

Other studios include RPG specialists inXile and Obsidian. Notable titles by Obsidian Entertainment include Fallout: New VegasSouth Park: The Stick of Truth, and the Pillars of Eternity Bioware saga. Obsidian Entertainment also developed two sequels and Knights of the Old Republic 2 plus Neverwinter Nights 2.

Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout: New Vegas. Source: Steam.

On the other hand, InXile Entertainment’s most known property is the Wasteland franchise.

Lastly, studios Playground Games, Undead Labs, and Compulsion have also joined Microsoft.

All of these should result in a diverse catalog of exclusive titles for the Xbox Two.

The Xbox Game Pass

The games would be available on Demand through the Xbox Game Pass service. Xbox Game pass is a subscription service that grants its users access to both exclusive and classic games of the Xbox series.

The Xbox Game Pass would become more and more popular as Microsoft releases more exclusive games…other than the occasional Halo or Gears of War release.

If anything, we can expect Microsoft to take its service even further with their planned game streaming service. Furthermore, Microsoft is also planning to allow cross-platform gaming, not only with Windows computers, but also smartphones, tablets, and even the PlayStation.

And if there’s something that games like PUGB and Fortnite have shown us, is that people love cross-platform gaming.

The most powerful gaming console

While it was probably too late for Microsoft, it’s worth noting the Xbox One X is the most powerful console on the market.

Simply put, if you want the prettiest and smoother version of new AAA games, chances are you’ll do better with the X console.

If Microsoft’s next juggernaut also bests the PS5, then Sony will be in real trouble.


    • Well, is partly speculation.

      But keep in mind Microsoft did obtained a couple of AAA studios to create exclusive games for the Xbox Two. So, it means we’ll get more titles than just Halo and Gears of War, which I don’t like at all.

  1. lolol i must say this way dont you also writhe about ps5,and how after ps4 success ps5 will dominate again since ps1? im sorry but this is bad journalism,since you got pay by ms to say this while ms it self give us nothing but bad games in all genaration( and forza alone is not enough) while ps4 gave us a lot of great games,and they are on 90+ m consoles vs 40 m on xbox… ya this is all bull bad stuff….

    • Yes of course, I’ve said all of that about the current console generation.

      And yes, I am a PS4 guy.

      But Xbox allying with studios like Obsidian, creators of Fallout NV sounds very, very promising. Will it be paid? Yes. Like every video game that exists!

  2. Crackdown 3 has just released after 5 years of waiting and false promises. The third MS exclusive in a year of disappointment. How anyone can think people didn’t realise that and will flock to MS next gen, is beyond my imagination. If anything people are even more sceptical now.
    XBox doesn’t even have close to the image worldwide that Sony has and without VR MS are going to lose next gen before it even began.

    • Yes, I talked about Crackdown in a recent article, it was a major letdown.

      Wow! I’m getting a lot of hate for talking good about the Xbox Two!

      What would be the problem if we got not only one, but two consoles that are equally amazing?

      As I’ve said in other articles, PS4’s success is highly due to its exclusives. Buying a PS4 only to play Spiderman or any Uncharted game is WORTH IT.

      And now, it seems Microsoft is going on the same path by allying with amazing, creative studios for their own competitive games.

      Hellblade, for example, is a rather different, underrated game, that’s still stunning and packs a beautiful story, incredible plot, amazing voice acting, and haunting OST.

      Let’s just give it a chance!

  3. Only getting hate cuz Sony lovers are like the Toronto Maple Leaf fans. When someone talks crap about their beloved console they get butthurt and speak up. Both consoles are pretty much the same. Let’s face it. Anyone who bashes one or the other console are like children. Give it up. We all like games and we just stick to the console we are most comfortable with… simple

    • Yes, Sony fans are kinda toxic, just like Rick & Morty fans.

      We can have it both ways. And we’re probably going to have it both ways just like we’re gonna have to own both Netflix and the upcoming Disney Streaming Service to see the shows we like. And Hulu…if they happen to buy Daredevil.

      For example, as Obsidian is now with Microsoft, they could very well make Fallout exclusive titles for the Xbox Two.


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