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Tech News Today is owned and operated by our team of experts at Tech Central Pvt. Ltd. The platform, is dedicated to providing our readers with the latest in technology and support. Our mission is to empower our readers with the knowledge and tools they need to overcome any tech-related challenges they may face. We strive to create informative and user-friendly content that helps our readers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the tech industry. From troubleshooting tips and product reviews to in-depth guides and tutorials, we’ve got you covered

Our guides and articles are written by people who are interested in and experienced with the wide range of tech they write about. We hire experts with proven experience to best answer our readers’ questions and help them find the solutions they’re looking for.

Our focus is on creating content that engages and aids readers who are interested in various kinds of technology. We pride ourselves on helpful how-to guides, step-by-step processes, nuanced comparisons, and thoughtful explanations about everything tech. 

The Editorial Team


Amul Regmi

Amul Regmi is the Head of Project Management at Tech News Today. He previously worked as a Telecommunications Engineer in one of the major telecom company of Nepal. With over 5+ years of experience leading a team of engineers, Amul brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role at TechNewsToday.

Amul joined our team back in 2019 and is a skilled leader. He expertly leads a team of writers, editors, topic experts, and tech editors to deliver successful projects, on time and to the highest standards.


Binod Gautam

Binod Gautam is a senior Editor at Tech News Today. Here, he oversees articles to make sure they are original, fact based, informative and helpful to the readers.

Before starting his career as an Editor, he worked as an FLM engineer for a telecommunications company, where he gained hands-on experience with networking and RF equipment.

Binod holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. His love for Electronics and devices began at an early age and it took shape when he attended his alma mater.


Chandan Nepal

Chandan Nepal is a technical editor at TechNewsToday. He has been working with Electronics and Computers for well over a decade. Since his early teenage days, he has loved tinkering and exploring with PC hardware and Circuit boards in various electronic device. Working with PC and Programmable Electronics for several years as a hobby enthusiast, he has gathered extensive knowledge on PC hardware.

Hailing from an Engineering Background he has nearly a decade worth of experience in the Telecommunications Industry. Having handled various on-site and off-site projects for Network Operations Centre of Ncell Pvt. for over 8 years, he has garnered diverse knowledge on BTS, Wireless, Microwave and IPRAN Fiber technologies.

Our Expert Writers


Abhishek Silwal

Abhishek Silwal is an Electronics Engineer. He specializes in troubleshooting a wide range of computer-related issues. He is also proficient in several programming languages and has worked on various robotics projects. Read Full Bio »


Deependra Pangeni

Meet Deependra Pangeni, A professional Computer Engineer who has been writing about technology for many years. He is also involved in different robotic projects and loves tinkering with circuit boards. Read Full Bio »


Abhinash Bajgain

Abhinash Bajgain is a mechanical engineer who was awe-struck at first sight of a computer. Since then, he has excelled at writing tech-contents regarding every problem and feature of windows, software, hardware, and anything it incorporates. Read Full Bio »


Anup Thapa

Anup Thapa is a tech writer at TechNewsToday. He mostly writes informative articles, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides related to Windows systems, networking, and computer hardware. Read Full Bio »


Bhishu Acharya

Bhishu specializes in monitors, laptops, storage devices, and other peripherals. Apart from computer hardware, you can also find his how-to and troubleshooting articles on Windows, internet, security, and networking. Read Full Bio »


Grishma Ghale

As a veteran Apple user, Grishma Ghale is a fan of its products and loves to write about anything iOS/macOS. Besides that, she also writes about other platforms she enjoys, like Windows, Netflix and other productivity software Read Full Bio »


Deep Shrestha

Deep Shrestha works as a computer hardware writer at TechNewsToday with several hardware and programming certifications. Besides building desktop PCs, Deep also has hands-on experience fixing software and hardware issues on laptops and desktop computers. Read Full Bio »


Asmi Dhakal

Asmi Dhakal is a Tech Writer specializing in Microsoft Office-based programs at TechNewsToday. She aims to use her experience to help others learn their way around its programs. Read Full Bio »


Nisha Gurung

Nisha is a streaming content writer at TechNewsToday. With her love for watching shows on popular platforms, she turned her hobby into exploring it in-depth. You can always find her with one of the streaming gadgets trying out new features, secret menus, and writing about them. Read Full Bio »

jabin 1

Jabin Manandhar

Jabin is an IT Graduate. Working for almost a year as a tech writer, Jabin has covered a gamut of articles, ranging from Windows troubleshooting, Android, iOS to Internet-related issues. Read Full Bio »


Nishant Aryal

Nishant is an enthusiast who loves writing about technology. He also is heavily invested in keeping himself updated about the latest happenings in the tech world. . Read Full Bio »


Grishm Devkota

Grishm holds a computer science degree and is currently employed as a Tech writer at TechNewsToday. He specializes in topics related to Windows OS, iOS and PC hardware. Read Full Bio »


José Zapata

Jose Zapata has been writing about video games at TNT for nearly 4 years. He specializes in video-game troubleshooting, gaming lists, guides, and similar content.. Read Full Bio »


Laurel Devoto

Laurel is a computer enthusiast who enjoys building new systems, troubleshooting software for her friends, and playing everything from Apex Legends to Golf with Friends. Read Full Bio »

Editorial Guidelines

Our editorial guidelines are simple: We maintain a strict policy to ensure our content satisfies our quality criteria. Once an article is written, it’s carefully edited by our editorial team who are experts on the subject.

We are deeply committed to publishing high-quality pieces that meet the needs of our readers.

  • We always publish relevant and useful pieces that reflect the questions people are asking online.
  • Our staff checks and rechecks each piece to ensure the information is accurate and relevant and that any process step can be followed.
  • Accuracy is the cornerstone of our editorial policy. All our troubleshooting articles are tested on a virtual and physical PC environment by our team of subject experts.
  • We make every effort to obtain our own products and software to conduct unbiased reviews.
  • When we write about equipment or explain how to do things, we always try to have hands-on experience with those items or processes.
  • We include helpful images when possible to help supplement the written content.
  • Our formatting, spelling, and grammar is always checked by a team of experts.
  • We don’t accept pay to publish content, and we don’t make sponsored posts.
  • Any recommendation we make – whether a product or service – is recommended because we think it’s the best one available. While we may use affiliate links, they do not influence what we say about any linked product. Affiliate links give a small fee to the site
  • We strive for fairness and integrity in all our content.

You can expect these guidelines to be upheld on any work published by Tech News Today.

Fact-Checking Policy

We want everything we publish to be completely accurate, which is why we have such a rigorous editorial process. Our articles are examined, fact-checked, and tested by multiple people before they’re published to ensure our readers get precisely the right information they need. Here’s a peek at the process to help you better understand how we do things.

A writer with a track record of experience in the topic they’re writing about researches and edits their own article. Next, our editors and proofreaders take over, checking the content for accuracy and testing any steps themselves. If any questions or areas need to be expanded, the team communicates with the author to clarify. Once we’re sure the information is just right, it’s edited for content and readability before being published.

Trust with our readers is one of the most important things to us. Tech is a major part of everyone’s lives, and we want you to know you can depend on us to deliver the information and help you need. If you ever think we’ve missed the mark, reach out and let us know.

Corrections Policy

Tech is a massive field growing at the speed of light. Rapid changes and new innovations sometimes mean that articles must be corrected or updated. We always try to keep an eye on comments, letters from readers, and our own spot-checking on published articles to ensure we’re still delivering the right information.

If we find a mistake, we correct it as soon as possible. Don’t be scared to reach out and let us know if you spot something you think isn’t quite right. You can contact us at corrections@technewstoday.com if you think an article requires a correction or needs an update, and we’ll check it out immediately.

Ethics Policy

We have a high ethical standard for everyone at Tech News Today. Our content should reflect our dedication to kindness, honesty, and integrity. We’re dedicated to creating a fair and inclusive workplace and space online for our readers.

Mailing Address

For fast response, please reach out to us via email. However, you can also mail as at the following mailing addres.

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