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At Tech News Today, we're all about demystifying computers and technology for our readers. As your trusted guides, we cut through the complex jargon to deliver clear, useful advice on everything PC-related.

Our team lives and breathes the latest computing trends, from revolutionary new hardware to essential software and apps. We test out all the newest gear in our state-of-the-art labs, then report back on exactly how it will impact your digital life.

Who we are

Tech News Today is powered by a team of passionate tech experts and enthusiasts at Tech Central Pvt. Ltd. United by a shared love of technology, our diverse team offers a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience:

  • Tech Fanatics: We're a group of hardware geeks, software sleuths, and lifelong techies, eager to share our knowledge. Many of us built our first PCs back in the day!
  • Specialized Expertise: Our team includes engineers, computer science graduates, and industry professionals. We provide qualified perspectives on everything from PC building to operating systems.
  • Globally Connected: While primarily Nepal-based, our team extends overseas as well, keeping us plugged into emerging tech worldwide.
  • Committed to Clarity: We make even complex tech accessible. Our guides break down the latest tips and trends in simple terms anyone can understand.
What We Do What We Do What We Do
Who We Are Who We Are

Our Story

Tech News Today started as a small tech news blog back in 2017 but quickly evolved into something much bigger.

The path wasn't without its challenges. Operating from Nepal, a developing country, posed challenges-limited hardware access and technological infrastructure made tech coverage difficult.

But we persevered, even as COVID-19 forced us to rethink how we work together while physically apart.

Through dedication to our mission, we've overcome obstacles and exceeded our wildest expectations. Now, Tech News Today proudly serves over 25 million readers annually as their trusted source for tech questions.

What We Do

We cut through the noise to deliver straightforward tech advice you can rely on. Here's our no-nonsense process:

That's it. We write, we test, we check, and we keep it all straightforward - because that's what you need from a tech site.

Our Review Process Our Review Process Our Review Process

A Trusted Source

In a world where AI-generated content is on the rise, we stand apart. Our technology advice stems from real-world knowledge and hands-on expertise.

Our writers and editors have deep experience across the tech industry - as certified professionals, computer engineers, and passionate users. They share first-hand stories of overcoming tech hurdles and achieving success. Their insights deliver authenticity you won't find elsewhere.

Rigorous testing underpins our trustworthiness. Our team has access to a vast library of devices, components, and software to replicate issues and verify solutions.

We don't just recommend what could work - we document what does work - through high-quality images and step-by-step instructions.

Every solution we present has been thoroughly checked and proven effective. When we guide you through a tech problem or recommend a product, you can feel confident it's because we've seen it succeed.

Independent Testing

How We Test

At Tech News Today, our rigorous hands-on testing sets us apart. We don't simply write about tech-we actively test it, in our own facilities, under real-world conditions. Our hands-on approach means every guide is backed by rigorous first-hand verification.

  • Hands-On Expertise: Our writers get first-hand experience with every topic. Whether building a PC or troubleshooting software errors, they work through each process start to finish. For specialized topics, they consult trusted experts in the field.
  • In-House Testing Environments: Our dedicated test rooms are equipped with the latest gear and hardware, including Test Benches, Virtual Machines, and more. This allows in-depth testing under real-world conditions.
  • Real Experiences: We recreate common issues and scenarios, then solve them step-by-step to provide practical solutions. From Blue Screen errors to gadget set-up, we verify each process works.
  • Regularly Updated: We continuously revise existing content to account for the ever-evolving world of tech. Our guides are kept up-to-date with the latest information.
  • Visual Demonstrations: We capture high-quality original photos and screenshots to visually demonstrate our testing processes and results to better illustrate the techniques and steps discussed.
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Our Editorial Guidelines

To maintain content quality, we comply with strict fact-checking, plag-verification, and anti-AI rules. Our editorial and review teams are always concerned and are continuously monitoring the same.

Browse The Guidelines
Browse The Guidelines
Our Promise

Our Promise

Every single detail you find at Tech News Today is genuinely verified with the author's hands-on experience on the same topic. We assure you that all information conveyed is not misleading or contains any form of clickbait.

We promise to keep solving your problems in the simplest and easiest way possible. Whether you're tech-savvy or not, our simplified language with proper explanations should help you gain knowledge on different computer categories in a matter of minutes.

Our team of experts ensures to reply to your comments at the earliest hour possible. And most importantly, we will continue our tests on various tech-based topics and keep you posted every single day!

Meet Our Team

Amul Regmi

Amul Regmi

Electronics Engineer ( B.E. in ECE )

Amul Regmi is the head of Project Management at Tech Central Pvt Ltd. He joined the company in 2019 and has since successfully lead a diverse team of writers ,...

Binod Gautam

Binod Gautam

Electronics Engineer ( B.E. in ECE )

Binod Gautam is a senior Editor at Tech News Today. Here, he oversees articles to make sure they are original, fact based, informative and helpful to the readers. Before starting...

Chandan Nepal

Chandan Nepal

Telecommunications Engineer

Chandan Nepal is a technical editor at TechNewsToday. He has been working with Electronics and Computers for well over a decade. Hailing from an Engineering Background he has nearly a...

Abhishek Silwal

Abhishek Silwal

Electronics Engineer ( B.E. in ECE )

Abhishek Silwal is an Electronics Engineer and a technical writer at TechNewsToday. He specializes in troubleshooting a wide range of computer-related issues. His educational background in Electronics Engineering has given...

Anup Thapa

Anup Thapa

Linux & Hardware Specialist

Anup Thapa primarily covers Windows systems, networking, and computer hardware at TechNewsToday. Anup has written professionally for over 5 years, and tinkered with PCs for much longer. His love for...

Bhishu Acharya

Bhishu Acharya

Hardware Specialist ( BSc in CS & IT )

Bhishu Acharya is a technical content writer at TechNewsToday. He specializes in monitors, laptops, storage devices, and other peripherals. Apart from computer hardware, you can also find his how-to and...

Deep Shrestha

Deep Shrestha

IT Engineer ( B.E. in IT )

Deep Shrestha works as a computer hardware writer at TechNewsToday with several hardware and programming certifications. Although he has been writing technical content for more than a year, his interest...

Deependra Pangeni

Deependra Pangeni

Computer Engineer ( B.E. in Comp Eng )

Meet Deependra Pangeni, A professional Computer Engineer who has been writing about technology for many years. He is also involved in different robotic projects and loves tinkering with circuit boards....



Mechanical Engineer

I am a mechanical engineer who was awe-struck at first sight of computer. Since then, I have excelled at writing tech-contents regarding every problems and features of windows, software, hardware...

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