Author: José Zapata

Jose Zapata has been writing about video games at TNT for nearly 4 years. He specializes in video-game troubleshooting, gaming lists, guides, and similar content. In 2021, he created an entertainment commentary/gaming YouTube channel, and he began editing gameplay videos for semi-professional eSports players (Warzone, Rocket League, AoE, and others). However, he prefers the RPG genre, ranging from classic and turn-based like Baldur’s Gate, to modern and open-world action-RPG titles like Elden Ring. He also has a competitive side for RTS games like Age of Empires II and Age of Empires IV…not the pro skills, though! Jose has worked as a content writer for nearly a decade for various tech-related digital magazines. He also has a background as a musician, so he used to work at BegginnerGuitarHQ, where he wrote musical tutorials. Lastly, he’s proficient with video editing and image processing tools such as Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop, and he has several diplomas in audiovisual production. You can contact him at