Grishma Ghale

Grishma Ghale

As a veteran Apple user, Grishma Ghale is a fan of its products and loves to write about anything iOS/macOS. Besides that, she also writes about other platforms she enjoys, like Windows, Netflix and other productivity software.

At TechNewsToday, she tests with multiple Apple or Windows devices and software to write about only the verified solutions for your ease.

She has a total of 7 years of experience as a Content Writer/Editor and a Master's Degree in Literature under her belt. It was around 3 years ago that she ventured into learning and writing about Tech. It's because she believes it's almost a necessity, given our relationship with technology today.

During leisurely hours, she indulges in afternoon tea while writing poems and short stories, journaling, and reading books. She’s also a coffee lover, a croissant connoisseur, and a singer - a self-proclaimed one of course.

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