Asmi Dhakal

Asmi Dhakal

Asmi Dhakal is a Tech Writer specializing in Microsoft Office-based programs at TechNewsToday. She aims to use her experience to help others learn their way around its programs.

Asmi’s interest in Office products grew when she first entered the marketing industry. While she initially struggled to understand their application, she eventually understood her way around them. In her articles, she exhibits a strong understanding of related issues and attempts to push only relevant fixes.

Over time, she has grown a particular fondness for MS Excel and spends her free time learning Visual Basic Analysis (VBA). She’s always on the lookout for productivity tools that can get the job done quicker in Excel. Her approach to related problems is very humane, helping new users not only fix the issue but learn more about its nature.

Asmi also heavily indulges in personal writing. She is a disciplined journal writer and has maintained a regular journal for 8 years! When her schedule allows, she works to rehabilitate street animals.

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